Home Office Perfection

For some reason, working from home doesn’t seem all that bad now… 😊. This is a stunning place to catch up on a little paperwork while catching the game! The home is completely automated by K&W Audio with Control4 top to bottom. It also includes lots of great customized LED lighting accent touches. Take a look at the light switches too.  We think the stainless steel Control4 keypad cover plates this client selected complement the modern decor perfectly.

This beautiful Apple friendly office boasts multiple computer displays, keyboards and hardware. In addition to the computing hardware we added a centrally wall mounted 8K Samsung TV in the corner. It’s a really nice addition that allows the client to keep up with the game’s score whenever he’s working late.

This rooms video and audio sources are distributed to this room via a centrally located matrix located in the basement. On the video source side that includes a high-end Kaleidescape movie server along with AppleTVs, multiple Cable TV boxes 4K Blu-ray and more. When it comes to the sound, the local computer audio as well as all sorts of high-resolution music sources are also available at the touch of a button on that Control4 remote on the desk.

No matter what is selected, the sound gets pumped through that exotic and very cool McIntosh 275 tube power amp sitting on the desk, to a pair of great sounding Martin Logan speakers & subwoofers. The sound in this relatively moderate space is amazing. It’s full and powerful.

This very cool home office rocks – in more ways than one!