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The term Home Theater has been watered down since the term was first coined. We really need a new phrase for the dedicated movie screening room, and Private Theater does a good job of that. Whatever you call it, it can be described as the “duplication of the experience we get when we go out to a movie.” But the concepts real meaning is more than that, as some of our clients show here. The Private Theater need not replicate the existing known theatrical experience, it can change it, enhance it – tailor it to the desires of the user. These galleries show off some of our work with some very nice people with great ideas while exploring that concept.

In some cases, we have created their Private Theater beginning with nothing more than an empty space. In others the client had a very defined idea of what they wanted. Yours can be that or anywhere in between. For your project, we can provide the gear only, or construct the room and provide everything needed to make it function as desired. Whatever you are comfortable with. When budgeting is a consideration, we can work with you to stage the work over time. This option allows the Theater to be used at the end of stage 1, with performance or aesthetic upgrades and additions occurring according to a schedule you are comfortable with and in control of.

Our consultants work with you, to design your Private Theater in such a way that it will exceed the Audio and Visual performance you associate with going to the movies, with the added convenience of entertaining at home. We bring cinema magic to your Theater concept with a system designed to blow you away, and integrate with your lifestyle while fitting your budget. All you need to finish it off perfectly is that special someone, and of course – the popcorn!

Some very nice Private Theaters

Todays Best Private Theaters Use Panamorph

…and Dbox!