The product lines we carry are chosen very carefully, with each line meeting or exceeding a predetermined standard.
There are 4 core criterion, which must be met if we are to carry and support any product line:

  • Quality: We are aware of the history of the products we choose before we look at offering them. There is no guessing on this point. Reliability and the availability of parts and service must be a known factor. We choose only those products with a proven history of reliability and thus quality.
  • Performance: The product must perform superbly and provide value for the money spent. The actual price is irrelevant, except when drawing comparison to competitive product. If a product is priced higher than others in its category, then its performance must be accordingly that much better. In this assessment, ease of operation is also a performance criterion.
  • Philosophy: The corporate philosophy of the manufacturer and distributor is important. If a manufacturer is focused on moving out the maximum number of boxes to keep their factories humming – we are generally not  interested. Chain type stores are better suited for that type of product. Quality manufacturers take a long-term partnership approach to their business – as do we. They work to provide a product that will create consumer satisfaction and loyalty. To establish their product in the marketplace, they provide a high level of training and assistance to the distributor, the retailer and the end user.
  • Distribution: A product should be marketed and serviced globally, or at the very least it should be readily available in all of North America. We feel that it is necessary for our customers to be able to obtain service on these products when they move to another city, province or country.