Hi-Fi Electronics for your Home

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
– Aldous Huxley

AccuphaseAccuphase: This Japanese high end electronics manufacturer is known for a no holds barred approach to design and performance. Exclusive, and sonicly warm, listening to an Accuphase system will give you chills!
AnthemAnthem: This Canadian Company makes killer 2 channel and Home Theater electronics. Their original goal was to create a high-end product without a high-end price. Today they offer an award-winning product lineup that continues to set new reference standards of performance regardless of price. Guess it kind of worked out!
ArcamArcam: This Company has raised the level of British manufacturing quality to a new level. They offer all that can be expected in terms of performance for dollars spent, from a high-end manufacturer with boilerplate reliability and service to boot. The best of all worlds really. Quality CD/DVD playback and musical amplification along with top end Home Theatre performance are all a part of this manufacturer’s resume.
BC AcoustiqueBC Acoustique is a French company specialized in the manufacture of high quality tube and solid state electronics founded in 1993.
BrystonBryston is a Canadian company which has been designing and manufacturing state of the art specialty electronics to both the consumer and professional audio marketplaces for about as long as we’ve been around. Great high end amps, DAC’s and processors with a fantastic 20 year warranty.
Cary AudioCary Audio: A great line of tube and solid state electronics out of Raleigh North Carolina, in the good old US of A. Famous for great performing and well reviewed tube amps in particular, Cary reintroduces you to your favorite music every day.
D-Box Motion SimulatorsD-BOX™: Integrated Motion System (IMS) is the next dimension of your cinematic experience. Taking you into the movie, you actually feel the rush of flight, the bumps in the road, the pulse of ocean swells on the shore – all of the on-screen action is brought to you as never before!
KaleidescapeKaleidescape: The absolute coolest Movie and Music management product ever devised. The user interface is stone simple to use and it’s just as reliable. Rip it all to a multi terabyte hard drive, and surf it with any display in the house. Did we mention it scales everything to High Def levels too?
KrellKrell: Krell Industries, Inc. is America’s premier manufacturer of high-end audio equipment for serious music lovers and home theatre aficionados. All components are designed by C.E.O. Dan D’Agostino
Magnum DynalabMagnum Dynalab: For over 20 years, Magnum Dynalab has been critically acclaimed among audiophiles as a designer and manufacturer of world-leading analogue FM tuners FM antennas, integrated FM receivers and integrated amplifiers for the home audio market in over 40 countries. We have supported this fine company since their inception, and they are Canadian to boot!
MarantzMarantz: For years Marantz formed the heart of all ultimate Hi-Fi systems. Today they are famous for high performance A/V, top end digital decoding and home theater projection systems that are simply state of the art.
Marantz KI PearlMarantz KI Pearl; The ‘KI’ in Marantz KI Pearl is short for Ken Ishiwata. Ken is the brand ambassador for the company & the man who developed the legendary Marantz CD-63 MkII KI Signature. He created a generation of audiophiles who associate Ken’s name with high-performance upgrades. Ken Ishiwata’s reputation has been built on taking a fine product and finding out how to make it even better. Think of him as the Carroll Shelby of the audio world.
MeridianMeridian: Meridian Audio is an English manufacturer of high-performance, high-fidelity audio and video components and systems founded in 1977 by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd.
Music HallMusic Hall: Music Hall is a company dedicated to importing and distributing well priced, top quality, high-end audio components. Its emphasis is mainly on 2-channel (stereo); a rarity in this day of iPods and multi-channel products. Roy Hall founded the company in April 1985.
PanasonicPanasonic: Panasonic stands for a commitment to quality, value and innovation, bringing you ideas for life.
PrimaLunaPrimaLuna: PrimaLuna products offer all the glory of tubes in a high-quality, affordable, and reliable product.
Pro-JectPro-Ject: founded in 1990 by Heinz Lichtenegger and located in Austria, with manufacturing plants in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Pro-Ject has grown into one of the leading turntable brands in the hi-fi world and also manufacture a diverse range of micro hi-fi components such as Amps, CD Transports, Phono Stages, Streaming Devices and more.
ReQuestReQuest: has the distinction of being the first manufacturer to fully realize the advantages of a digital music system. They used to make hard drive based music and video server systems, but have now gone the way of the Dodo bird
Teac AudioTeac Audio TEAC is an old company reinvigorated. This time ’round creating new & versatile products that offer superior hi-fi playback for current & future technologies.
Torus PowerTorus Power Isolation Units (PIUs) totally isolate your audio/video system from the harsh AC power line realities that can degrade every aspect of audio and video performance. Most competitive products are simple filters and do not provide isolation.
VantageVantage: The leader in computer controlled lighting solutions. Automate all the lights in your home. Have them respond to the touch of a single button… no more “wall acne” either!
WadiaWadia Digital is one of the original companies dedicated to high performance digital audio reproduction. – a company based on the philosophy of applying advanced technology to improve the performance of digital audio components.
YamahaYamaha: This Company has been making musical instruments for over 100 years. They put crossed tuning forks on the side of their motorcycles. Think about that. They love music – especially surround. They invented the surround processor; make their own chips and offer a bullet-proof product at every price range. Great sound and surround processing, and the best combination of the two available from a Japanese manufacturer.

Yamaha’s state of the art Atmos/4K A/V Pre-amp

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