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Convenient Wireless Lighting Control

OK, so you didn’t wire for centralized lighting. Perhaps you moved in and NOW you get how great lighting control is. In any case – here is the solution! It’s called wireless lighting control. Compared to doing it to begin with (See the sister series on Panelized, Centralized Lighting Control) you won’t reduce the amount of wall space taken up with switches – however you will be able to control any switch from your phone or iPad, and get rid of those butt ugly rockers everywhere.

We offer a full array of elegant lighting options for homes, large or small. It doesn’t matter if your Calgary home is under construction or hundreds of years old. Accent your home’s design with stylish lighting. Make it more energy efficient, safe and secure. And finally, leverage the magic of automation by integrating smart lighting.

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Work with K&W Audio, your Calgary Control4 dealer who has a certified showroom. We can show how you can integrate lighting control into your daily life, whether it’s setting a scene to watch a movie.

Control4 has introduced a fresh new design. These new Control4 smart wireless lighting devices are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. They perfectly complement any home décor. You can customize the back lighting on the buttons and status indicators to blend with your home designs. Moreover, they also provide you with at-a-glance information about the status of your home.

Keypads come with a variety of button options.  As a result, you can do one thing or many right from the same keypad.  This includes custom engraving making it easy for everyone in the house, including guests, to operate. Drop by our home automation shop SW Calgary to see and experience them for yourself!

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