My head has been spinning ever since

November 18, 2013


I brought a friend in on Friday and she left with her first pair of non-iphone headphones, which I believe were Grado something-80’s?  I thought you’d appreciate hearing how they worked out for her:

“My head has been spinning ever since I started listening to the new Grados… I want to listen to EVERYTHING right NOW which of course is impossible so I started with a little Lucinda and went in alphabetical order for a while… wow to Mark Knopfler, Miles Davis – very nice, Morcheeba – entrancing… Muddy Waters – hit and miss!? Some of the recordings (remastered maybe?) sound great. Some sound like they were transferred from vinyl or just mono / flat – interesting. Natalie Merchant, New Order, Nickleback, Nina Simone.

Then I switched tactics – Clapton! – fingers on strings – so vivid… Hendrix – again not so good (should I look for some remastered stuff??) Then some salsa / vallenato music from Cuba & Colombia – I’ve never heard the accordion & horns like this!

Oh, then Strokes – much better on the Grados. Radiohead – haunting, wow. Eargasm after eargasm… and suddenly the weekend is over. L

I heard Leonard Cohen on the way in this morning so that’s next on the docket to try w/ the Grados… can’t wait to hear THAT voice – and some woman who reminded me of Joni Mitchell so Joni’s next on the list. Then Sea of Sin – Depeche Mode and I bet John Lee Hooker will be awesome… and then I have some guilty pleasures lined up too. So many tunes, so little time! How can I switch back to those little white earbuds?

I’m simply in heaven.

😀 <big dumb grin>”

Anyways thanks again for your top notch customer service, (Geoff was helping us out) and I suspect you’ll be seeing her again soon as she has her eye on a mini system next!