Incredible value

November 18, 2013

I purchased my RITA-880 on May 26, after testing her against five other tube amps. In fairness Rita was at the top end of my price range, but in no other way was there any comparison. Rita outperformed all the others. Their strengths were offset by various weakness. This amp is as tight as solid state but with tube warmth. Transparency, detail and tone balance are all excellent. However, I am most impressed that individual tonal characteristics of each particular instrument or voice is faithfully reproduced, giving true character and beauty to the performance. None of her competitors came even close! The warm wooden bodies of the string instruments, the metallic ring of the brass, the distinct sound of each drum type, and the specific character of individual voices are all extraordinary. I listen almost exclusively to classical music on vinyl. My turntable is an Oracle, and my speakers are the Silverline Bolero’s. In my opinion Rita gives me a first class refined sound that would otherwise be well beyond my means. My first impression upon seeing Rita was the reservation that something must be missing here. How could they possibly supply so much at this price? There’s got to be a catch. Four months of ownership have turned up nothing unwanted. Incredible value. Tony M – a VERY satisfied customer