You can’t go wrong using K&W Audio

November 18, 2013

I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for bailing me out of a jam with regards to my installation. To explain the situation accurately I should back up two years ago, when K&W Audio supplied equipment and installed this equipment in my house. I couldn’t have been happier with the job that was done RIGHT with this renovation. You were on time, very professional in your work, and kept to the agreed price. When you were done, everything worked perfectly.

Two years later is when the trouble started. When we began construction on our new home, I obviously needed a good company for audio/visual installations. I naturally thought of K&W Audio first. Like any frugal shopper I got 3 estimates on the job. In my ignorance I hired a company that came in 15% lower than your quote. The company sent young and inexperienced installers to do the job (a different one almost every time). Only one of these installers had worked with this company for any length of time.

Unfortunately, what I paid for is what I received. Below is a list of some of the problems that occurred with this other company:

Wires hanging 3 feet from where they were to be

Security keypad not installed (I had to cut drywall to wire for this later)

3 doors were not wired for security (later when this was done they hit water lines in the floor and over $2000.00 worth of water damage occurred. This also slowed finishers and painters, costing more money).

Couch was broken when stood on by one of their installers and my vehicle backed into (damaged bumper)

They forgot to wire a/b switch in the family room (a big mistake that can’t be corrected with out cutting up a built in entertainment center).

The speakers I purchased through them were not even close to the same quality that K&W Audio had provided in their quote.

In the end THEIR programmers ended up hiring K&W AUDIO to program the system and make it work, as they did not have the experience.

These problems and others ended up costing me much more than the 15% I thought I could save and made the whole ordeal a nightmare. In addition I am left with inferior sound and function because of this other company.

I would like to thank you, for coming in after they were gone, and fixing things up. Again, your professionalism, experienced installers, and extensive knowledge were greatly appreciated.

Please let other potential clients read this letter. I found out you can’t go wrong using K&W Audio and would like others to know this as well.