A real treat

November 18, 2013

Thanks James for all your help

I just wanted to convey my thanks for all the terrific support in advising us on, and then setting up our new theatre system.  We were recommended to K&W by our realtor as we moved to Calgary and it was a real treat to deal with you as our one window into K&W through our many twists and turns updating the home theatre system in our new home, and also troubleshooting the various other electronic issues we encountered.  I am absolutely thrilled with the result.  You listened well to our needs (e.g. audio quality rules over video quality!, stay on budget but get me the best sound I possibly can for the money), made effective use of some equipment already in place (projector), and wowed us with the new equipment including a workable, simple remote that my wife and daughter can even maneuver – a far cry from the legacy system there which none of us could figure out before we called you.

All in all the new setup sounds and looks “better than Westhills Theatre” as you aptly mentioned once and which we totally agree.  We also really appreciate your fixing the teledoor, cat 5 router, my old Arcam CD player and working to find resale homes for the old screen and gaming equipment.  We were truly amazed at the high level of old fashioned service provided by yourself (and also frankly your technicians who were also all terrific to deal with) and appreciate the many calls for advice and trips to the house to ensure everything was in order.  We are now also looking for a new high end TV and some other electronic equipment for other parts of the house early in the new year and will not hesitate to call you to help us out again, and have already recommended you to friends and colleagues  Great job for us James and we look forward to working with K&W, you and your colleagues again.  Thanks.