Smart Home Services – Design & Installation

Smart home design, installation in calgary by kw audio. Control4 home automation.

Build the Smart Home of Your Dreams

Building or updating your dream home should be exciting and fulfilling.
Ensuring you have the correct people and smart home services for design and installation is crucial to achieving that goal.

Great Advice

Do you need a little friendly advice about your smart home design?  Just ask.  Not sure how to create a smart home system or even know where to start?  K&W Audio is happy to help with our smart home services.  Perhaps, you may even know what you want. But, you don’t know how to wire for it. In this case, we can help you out there too.

In ANY case, all you need to know is who to turn to when you want professional help.  So, let it be us.  Drop by, or call in, to our shop in Calgary. Certainly, we will spend the time to ensure you know your options.  Our pro’s are always happy to sit down with you, and go over your smart home design thoughts.

They can give you an idea of what can be done, while pointing out what hurdles to avoid.  To this end, we’re here to ensure your smart renovation or automated new home turns out better than you imagined.  Now, all you have to do is ask.

Our Role

K&W smart home consultants work with you, your architect, designer, general contractor and sub trades.  On the whole, our staff provides the right smart home design and technology to fit your needs. Furthermore, we advise on construction, installation and implementation requirements for your smart home project.

From locating the initial structured wiring (ResiNet™) points on your plans at the design stage, through final sign off – we are here for you.

We can help determine the best smart home devices, products and system for your new or existing home. In short, our goal is simple: to create the best smart home hub, tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle.

This includes security and monitoring features, apps, lighting control, smart thermostats and other cool gadgets. In essence, retrofitting new technology into your present home system is something we also do very well with our adaptive smart home services.

To be sure, our design experts are always happy to come out for a home visit. In this way, we can best assess what’s right for you. We are your go-to experts for smart home system setup in southern Alberta.

Strong Relationships

Creating a Smart Home update or new build can have many moving parts.  Therefore, a home automation system often touches on a variety of your home’s sub systems. For this reason, it’s important to have a coordinated working relationship with sub-trades and contractors.

When you decide to retain us, you’ll find we understand maintaining schedules. Coordinating with other trades to avoid disruption and delay for the project, is implicit too.

But we also keep an eye out for conflicts and potential issues for you along the way.  From keeping work areas neat and free of safety hazards, to observing and advising on every stage of the process, our smart home services strive to bring you peace of mind.

Experienced Staff

Our Custom Home consultants have done this for decades.  Staff here are highly competent, enjoy the work, and love working with you and the latest electronics.  In every aspect we get our job satisfaction by bringing lasting enjoyment into the lives of our customers – that’s you.

We have personnel who are CEDIA*, THX, ISF, and Control4 trained in automation systems design and programming.  Therefore, we can confidently select and install the right hardware for you. In this way, it’s best suited for your specific project to allow your homes various sub-systems to work seamlessly together. Thus, your system will work simply and reliably for many years to come.  Isn’t that the point of building your modern smart home?

Get Started Now with Our Smart Home Services!

What does it take to get the ball rolling on your home system design?  All in all, just a phone call, email or visit.  There is no charge to look at your project and offer our thoughts and suggestions – so what do you have to lose?  Come see us today!

Calgary Smart Home Services including automation design, planning, installation and servicing by K&W Audio.

1 of a 4 part video series showing how we can update your home to be a smart home

2 of a 4 part video series  showing how we can update your home to be a smart home

3 of a 4 part video series  showing how we can update your home to be a smart home

4 of a 4 part video series  showing how we can update your home to be a smart home

Planning a smart home

A nice overview of what a smart home can do

CEDIA overview of the vision for Smart Homes

Take a tour inside “the world’s greenest home,” powered by Control4 Home Automation. Control4 technology is hidden, and only seen when it’s needed. Most of all, this home automation system is intuitive!