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What Wire… Where?

Every day we expect more from technology, and new products and features transform our lives on a daily basis.  The properly wired home was once considered a luxury. Now it’s a necessity.  Knowing where to put smart wiring in a home, and why, is as important as running the wire itself.

You need the right product, and the right plan.

That’s why K&W Audio designs your smart home wiring using the advanced smart home wiring protocol called ResiNet™ .

The Right Wiring Makes It Possible

ResiNet™ Smart Home Wiring is a bundle of low voltage wires with the termination points located at specific locations in various rooms.  Multi-room Audio & Home Theater equipment have their own bundle. Motorized devices for a pool or spa need their own specific cables.

Drapery and window coverings have different unique wiring needs. HVAC equipment controls and monitoring devices are also specifically wired. Cameras and security have their proprietary requirements too. Intercom infrastructure is just as unique.

Even lighting control, and similar equipment, have their own Smart Wiring requirements.

In essence, ResiNet™ Smart Home Wiring covers all of these concerns from design to implementation.

The Right Plan Makes It Happen

We see a critical, technology mistake when most builders, electricians and home owners plan a home.

They assume the home only uses wireless technology. DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE.

Sure, wireless networks (Wi-Fi) provide a convenient solution for connecting to the home’s Internet service. So, you will want to have Wi-Fi in your new home, no question. But Wi-Fi products need to be wired to work!

Wireless access points and router are wired together. However, don’t limit yourself to that system alone. Don’t make your wireless network your only IOT option.

When it comes to streaming media throughout the home today, the convenience of Wi-Fi comes with significant performance compromises. Hard wire avoids these issues. In the future, your system needs faster speed and bandwidth. These needs will only increase in the years to come.  A well-placed CAT6/7 wire solves that issue right now.

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Now & The Future

Wireless routers lose as much as 85% of their data throughput at a distance of only 20 feet. As a result, this brings your 1080i Netflix to a grinding halt. Forget about 4k and ATMOS. It can also make you toss your frozen iPad down the hallway because your kids are watching Netflix.

These losses in throughput cause dropouts in your streaming media. In the end, this results in a substantial losses in audio and video fidelity.

In addition, when you increase the number of devices on a wireless network, you decrease the bandwidth available to each device.

You will buy more electronics in the years to come, right?  So, don’t plan for nothing, because that is exactly what you will end up with.

Speed is King

A ResiNet Wired Ethernet network offers the fastest uncompromising data rates at the longest distances. This is because it also avoids Wi-Fi’s precipitous drop off in data rates over distance and slower transfer speeds.

So, your quality media streams reach their end devices with no compromise to the data. This includes TVs, Control Processors, Video Streamers, Surround Receivers, Audio Streamers, Lights, Blinds, Computers and Cameras.

The end result is simply much greater reliability, better sound and clearer picture.

The interconnection centre or Hub is central to the system. The ResiNet™ wiring network carries information from any number of sources throughout the building to and from the Hub.

The Hub contains a control processor. This translates data sent from one device via one type of cable, into a signal that can be sent to another device on another type of cable.  It’s basically a computerized language translating traffic cop keeping everything running fast and smooth.

Wide Assortment of Options and Benefits

Some people need sophisticated security systems. But others want multiple TV’s offering all the house content regardless of location.  Some desire a few stereo speakers for background music. While others have a need for high fidelity sound in each room of their home.

Lighting control to some means lights that come on when a car enters the driveway or someone walks into the room.

To others it may mean infinite dimming levels and romantic pool and mood lights. Because of this, proper smart home wiring is crucial to cover the wide assortment of choices available, now and in the future.

Home Automation is not just for entertainment. For some, simple daily activities can be very difficult, if not impossible. It can be difficult to reach up to draw drapes for those with limited hand movement from arthritis, for example.

Young children may be unable to reach the light switch in the bathroom at night. No one likes getting out of bed to turn off a light left on in another room.

These and many other activities can become effortless and automated, enhancing quality of life.

Control4 in Calgary for Lighting Control systems for your Smart Home

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Go Green and Save Big Green

A home automation system maximizes your return on investment by reducing pollution and environmental responsibility. For example, turning down the heat is an obvious task that any programmable thermostat manages.

However, total efficiency requires coordination of fans, heat pumps, lights and power window shades in response to the movement of the sun. This is beyond simple settings on a thermostat. In addition, it offers aesthetic benefits to your home.

These environmentally friendly possibilities are convenient and smart. They come with the added bonus of real cost savings.

Control4 Smart Home Touchscreen replaces wall acne horror show

Planning and wiring for one touchscreen could have dodged this horror.
Don’t let this happen to you!

Less is More.

Another overlooked major benefit to automating your new home is the removal of what we call “wall acne.”

This occurs when you install a variety of stand-alone smart systems in your home without proper planning.

There is no need for this to happen in today’s modern home.

For example, you may have a different control panel or switch for a thermostat, humidifier, sound system controls, computer monitors, accessory controls and the bank of ugly light switches. All of this “wall acne” can disappear with just one elegant touch screen to replace it.

Differences Between Structured Wiring and Electrical Protocols

The foundation for an automated  home is its smart home wiring.  As a result, it uses low voltage wiring. This is not the same heavier wire that powers high voltage electrical circuitry to power lights and appliances.

Also, there are different types and categories of low voltage wiring. This includes CAT6E used for ethernet, or HDMI used for video.  Together, these various types of low voltage cabling comprise a network of structured wiring.  Smart Home Wiring.

Now, when installing the wiring for low voltage requirements, it’s important to keep it physically apart from the high voltage electrical wiring.  If the two types of wiring are placed in close proximity, interference is likely to occur.

There are different specialists involved in electrical and structured wiring contracts for this reason.  K&W Audio specializes in the latter.

As an illustration, if your want a more in depth understanding of a Home Network, click here.

Planning for Future Needs and Technology

Installing the right wiring in the walls of your home is the key to meeting the requirements for technology in the future, and the time to install wiring is prior to the dry-wall stage, when the building is closed in.

Ripping out existing dry wall or panelling, or running visible wiring along the floor or ceiling is never ideal. So, don’t ‘fish’ wires through finished walls. Instead, install additional wiring needed to meet future requirements at the outset. This approach is definitely more cost effective and less troublesome.

In a well-planned structured wiring installation, a bundle of wiring of 5 cm or more in diameter could well deliver wiring to the control room from every room or hall in your Calgary home.

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Popular ResiNet™ Smart Home Wiring Applications

  1. Central Distribution

    Flexibility is the key to a ResiNet™ smart home.  The ResiNet™ protocol makes it possible to custom configure each installation to accommodate application changes as they occur.

  2. Entertainment Center

    Advancements in A/V Streaming, UHDTV and other Digital technology require quality cable and connectors.  So, after these signals have travelled thousands of miles to reach their destination, why gamble on the last 100 feet?

  3. Kitchens

    Digital technology makes it possible for appliances to communicate with other applications.  The coffee machine can talk to the grocery list to ensure no one goes caffeine free on Sunday!

  4. Nurseries

    A nursery equipped with a video system for monitoring baby activity gives peace of mind.  The room can be monitored without intruding to check in at any time from anywhere.

  5. Children’s Room

    The world is at your children’s fingertips when they access the Internet.  Therefore, by creating a ResiNet™ local area network within you home you control access to the internet and television. It also allows the sharing of software and hardware peripherals such as printers and scanners for school projects.

  6. Master Bedroom

    Control all the homes systems from bed. Lighting and security functions need to be instantly accessible from the the master bedroom.  Distributed audio and video allows one to view news, a movie or listen to music whenever the mood strikes.

  7. Security

    Cameras located around the home can record activities while you are away.  The recordings can be viewed at any time from anywhere in the world.

  8. Home Office

    36% of the new homes being built today are equipped with a home office.  The need for increased bandwidth to the home office has never been greater and will continue to increase.

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