Home Theater Room Design

Home Theater Room Design in Calgary with 2:35 Aspect Screen and Martin Logan Speakers

Getting Started on Your Home Theater

A great home theater room design results in the most comfortable environment for watching movies possible. It also has a design flare unique to the space. Specifically, it can and should be a retreat. In this way, it can be completely different in design from the rest of the home. Ideally, it’s a place to take your spouse on a date to the movies and enjoy having your children around sharing a bowl of popcorn. Here, you can invite your friends over for dinner and a feature film in your own theater space.

From our design center in Calgary, Alberta, we can help you to mesh a cutting edge design and acoustic performance into something special. Moreover, we design your custom Home Theater environment to suit your taste and budget. All while making sure we address all the required acoustic nuances. So, the result is the performance of movies, music, and even your children’s private performances are fantastic.

Custom Home Theater Room Design Drawings by K&W Audio, your Audio Visual store in Calgary, Alberta.

Understand Home Theater Parameters

Today’s home theater room design requires an up to date understanding of the audio and visual options available. From 4K to Anamorphic and Atmos, our team’s expertise can help make your theater dreams come alive in an exciting way. Indeed, the hundreds of home theaters we helped complete illustrate our competence. Let us apply that knowledge to your home theater design.

Planning Your Home Theater Room Design

If you need help planning or executing your Home Theater design, bring your plans and ideas and visit us today. Our Home Theater design experts will use the information you provide to educate you about what’s needed and possible. Certainly, the physical space we have to work with is always the driving design factor. Therefore, we need to know the room dimensions to get started. Once we have that, we can handle everything from fit to finish, or we can simply assist with the elements where you need guidance.

Home Theater Room Design Examples in Calgary

For example, view our portfolio of the many completed custom home theater designs under our installations tab on this site.  Then, take some time and browse through them. Perhaps, you will find some ideas to inspire your dream theater. Such as, including special features like motion home theater seating by D-box. Even better, drop by our audio video shop in downtown Calgary to see the 3 different dedicated Home Theaters we have set up, and talk to a seasoned pro about your project. Bring your plans!
The finished Home Theater Room Design Project by K&W Audio. View custom home theatre examples in our installations and home theatre demo rooms in Calgary, Alberta.

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