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“There is an art of listening. To be able really to listen, one should abandon or put aside all prejudices, preformulations and daily activities…But unfortunately most of us listen through a screen of resistance. We are screened with prejudices, whether religious or spiritual, psychological or scientific: or with our daily worries, desires and fears. And with these for a screen, we listen. Therefore we listen really to our own noise, to our own sound, not to what is being said. It is extremely difficult to put aside our training, our prejudices, our inclination, our resistance, and, reaching beyond the verbal expression, to listen so that we understand instantaneously.”

-J. Krishnamurti

The First and Last Freedom

©1954 Krishnamurti foundation of America

Ever since we first opened our doors, high quality stereo playback has been a passion of ours.  We brought the first Electrostatics to Calgary (Dayton Wright), and the coolest high end amplifiers.  We understand music delivery via a High Resolution music file via a NAS or Neil Young’s doomed PONO, can explain the differences between moving coil and moving magnet phono pick ups… and love it all.  If a really good Hi-Fi system is your pursuit, look no further.  We still offer the finest transducers of every major type.  From Electrostatics, (Martin Logan) to Horns (Klipsch) to incredible mini monitors like this ladies red towers (Totem).  We also offer Bipolar (Definitive Technology) and front firing (PSB & Paradigm) too! …Even fantastic sounding architectural options (Origin & SpeakerCraft).

Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated Amp

Then there is vinyl.  Turntable setup is an art, but mostly a science, and we are not new to it at all.  We have offered quality turntable set up for four decades, and a few of us used them extensively even before that. In addition to offering the finest turntables at every meaningful price point, we have the proper setup equipment and expertise to set up your table just right, and ensure you get every nuance your analog deck is capable of resolving.  Here is a great example of a recent set up for a very happy client…

Project Signature 12 turntable build and set up

On the other end, we have the latest streaming music players from SONOS, to Kaleidescape & Blusound too.  We demonstrate up-converting DAC’s and SACD players that still offer uncompressed music at the pinnacle of that technology (Accuphase, Marantz Reference and Bryston).  When it comes to heavy iron, we have that in spades too, with pre-amps, integrated and power amps to match, from manufacturers like Accuphase, Arcam, Anthem, Bryston, Krell, and Primaluna – just to name a few.  When you want to do some critical listening, we have multiple dedicated stereo listening rooms for your unhurried auditioning.  No speaker comparitors here.  We are always happy to have you listen and help you to understand how it all best fits together.

Neolith Calgary

We’ve Offered Turntables For 40 Years!

What Is Music Without Sound?

Building Better Speakers – Paradigm Manufacturing Process

Update your audio system with all the music in the world and on your computers – effortlessly!

Project Turntable Essential 2