Lighting Control Calgary and Smart Home Automation

Smart Lighting for Your Home

Everyone can benefit from smart lighting control in their Calgary home. Most of us have left lights on, or walked into a completely dark house. Smart lighting allows you to turn those lights on and off from almost anywhere using a smartphone, as well as use an app to set schedules so the lights will, for example, power on and off automatically based on certain times of day.

A lighting control system is often the basis for a whole house control system. It’s the reason to do automation. Once you have it, you have an infrastructure to add anything else you desire. A control system generally controls lights of course, but usually shading as well – since they work in concert with each other in most homes.

If you are designing a new home, or planning a renovation you need to be aware of all of the benefits of designing for a home with smart lighting.

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The convenience of a lighting control system is obvious. A touch of a button can set the lighting and shade levels in a room, or the entire interior and exterior of the home. You can easily create and then memorize to a single button dramatic lighting scenes to match any mood or occasion.

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One button can turn off every light in the property’s outbuildings at night, without a need to run out to the shop or barn to see if they are all off.  Or, a single button can light a pathway for the person who is late coming home, from the exterior lights around the garage, to the hallway and kitchen. The usefulness of lighting control is hard to deny.


Many lighting and shading duties we do daily today can be managed completely automatically with lighting control.  Powering specific lights and shades based on programming events such as chronological time (time of day), astronomical time (sunrise/sunset), room occupancy, events, alarm conditions or other program logic all free our mind and time.

Great Looks

Aesthetics is another great benefit of lighting control. We can remove all that clutter (or wall acne) of multiple dumb single gang switches and replace the entire bank with one elegant backlit keypad. By replacing rows of conventional switches, knobs, sliders and other controls with a single, elegant control station, it leaves us more wall space for art, furnishings …or nothing.


Energy costs and environmental concerns are concerns to most people today. By ensuring lighting happens where and when we need them and are not used when not needed, we save energy, cost and reduce our footprint in the environment.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of lighting control for your Calgary home, drop by our shop. Our building has integrated lighting control, so you can see the way it works in action.

Imagine a world of Light, Smart lighting control for your Calgary home

Control4 Vibrant LED Linear Lighting

A dream home, obviously must have lighting control.

A look at how integrated shades and lighting work in an installation we recently competed.

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