Food for Thought

People can be unaware of the wide range of electronic possibilities there are which can bring an enhanced lifestyle to everyone in the family. Home Automation offers seemingly limitless possibilities. To give some food for thought and help stimulate the creative juices, here is a list of 100 things we can do right now – imagine the possibilities!

Room to Room Communication

  1. The press of a button in the Master bedroom, or at a specific time of day, or upon entering the “Awake” mode – the coffee pot will begin perking.
  2. The press of a button in the Master bedroom or upon entering the “Awake” mode can turn on a curling iron or hot rollers.
  3. Theatre black out window treatment is automatic with system activation.
  4. Theatre can be part of a Media Room or in a room dedicated to Home Theatre.
  5. Voice announcement is made to guest at door advising them that you are not home. They are invited to leave their spoken message, which will be recorded in audio and video for later playback.
  6. Voice announcement for events such as house mode activation, status of alarm system, etc. can be made over house speaker system.
  7. Ceiling fans can be activated upon entry into room.
  8. Weather details can be viewed on all TV sets, touch panels, and computer monitors. Weather station information includes: wind speed/direction, humidity (inside and outside), temperature, rainfall, and other weather details.

Lighting Control

  1. Lighting activates on entering the driveway. (Garage lights and/or yard lights)
  2. Lighting for artwork and/or portrait framing projectors activates when “Party” mode is started.
  3. Theatre lighting can be activated by system remote control.
  4. Lighting in certain areas of the home is activated only when someone is present in the room. Otherwise the lights are turned off.
  5. Lighting for the entire house can be turned on or off from any designated control point; at the touch of a single screen, or keypad.
  6. Lighting functions can be activated from a hand held remote control.
  7. Lighting functions can be activated over the internet telephone.
  8. Lighting in a hall or room is activated when door is opened.
  9. Lighting in any stairwell is activated when stepping on the floor at bottom or top of the landing and times off after several minutes.
  10. Lighting in kitchen drawers is activated when opened, and turned off when closed.
  11. Lighting in the bedroom turns on “dim” when in morning “Awake” mode and slowly increases to full brilliance (or desired preset level).
  12. Lighting is activated when closet doors, doors to the outside, storage rooms, cabinets, bathrooms, etc. are opened and closed.
  13. Lighting on deck, boat dock, or patio is activated when someone approaches, and can be timed to go off after several minutes.
  14. Lighting turns on at dusk and off at dawn by sensing the outside light level (or on a timed schedule).
  15. Lighting for holidays, or at other times when the house is empty, turns on/off at random making the home look lived in when in vacation mode.


  1. Lighting for the whole house can turn on in the event of an intruder.
  2. Voice announcement that a security recording is being made of persons in the yard is activated automatically when trespassers or guests approach the home.
  3. Voice announcement that a security recording was made of the vehicle entering the driveway is announced over the house speaker system automatically after entering the home and disarming the security system.
  4. Voice announces over house speakers when vehicle has entered the driveway.
  5. Anytime the security system is armed in “Away”, “Asleep” or “Vacation” mode, the HVAC control reverts to temperature pre-sets.
  6. Alarm activates cameras and VCR when motion is detected near the swimming pool, in the yard, boat dock, front door, or gate.
  7. Alarm activates voice announcement inside the house when someone approaches the yard, front door, gate, boat dock, pool etc.
  8. Alarm detects motion in the yard, on boat dock, or near the swimming pool and causes a voice announcement (or warning) to persons in those areas.
  9. Alarm activates if harmful levels of carbon monoxide are detected.
  10. Alarm activates when window screens are tampered with prior to glass breaking.
  11. Alarm activates when wine cellar reaches high or low temperatures.
  12. Alarm alerts authorities and anyone on your “call list” during break in or fire.
  13. Alarm causes Heating & Air Conditioning blower to turn off in event of fire.
  14. Alarm has “card swipe” for easy use. Access Cards (with limitations) can be mailed to guests and given to service or domestic personnel. Cards can be easily deleted from the system after one use or a period of time.
  15. Alarm system causes exit light paths to flash in event of a fire. While all other lights and electrical devices turn off.
  16. Alarm system has English language keypad allowing the status of each room or zone to be displayed.
  17. Alarm system notifies owner in the case of a room or area flooding, or standing water.
  18. Alarm system notifies owner that food freezer has quit working.
  19. Alarm’s hand held panic button alerts police of prowlers when button is pressed.
  20. Alarm’s hand held panic button dispatches ambulance in medical emergency.
  21. Camera at front door, pool, baby’s room, boat dock, etc. can be viewed on any TV, touch panel, or computer monitor.
  22. Camera makes video intercom possible in selected rooms.
  23. When motion is detected, camera shows people at door on selected TV sets.
  24. Cameras are controlled by computer system. (Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

Audio/Video Equipment Control

  1. Theatre components all start up or shut down with the press of one button.
  2. Theatre components can be controlled with single remote control.
  3. Theatre system turns on when seated in easy chair.
  4. Theatre’s CD, DVD, and/or DSS can be heard or seen in any room.
  5. UPS maintains power on selected systems.
  6. Multiple CD changers are controlled by computer, allowing easy programming.
  7. House television sets and touch screens display CD cover art.
  8. Music activates romantic mood lighting in a room.
  9. Music for the house mutes when the doorbell rings.
  10. Music for the house mutes when the phone rings.
  11. Music is used as alarm clock to wake up.
  12. Music shuts off automatically on timer.
  13. Remote system allows control of audio and video components located in other rooms to be controlled from any room.
  14. Control CD player in living room from the bedroom.
  15. Control speakers with wall volume controls installed in selected areas.
  16. Speakers can be “zoned” allowing different sources to be heard in designated areas. For example, the CD could play in living room, DMX satellite in the kitchen, and the VCR in bedroom, all simultaneously.
  17. Speakers that look like garden path lights.
  18. Weatherproof speakers installed to look like decorative rocks, stones, coconuts, hanging planters, or bricks that match a retaining wall.


  1. Ceiling fans can be activated as part of “Party” mode or by phone.
  2. Telephone allows incoming calls only from a list of authorized callers.
  3. Telephone access to control house temperatures.
  4. Telephone doorbell can be answered “hands free” using telephone system.
  5. Telephone doorbell can be forwarded to office, cellular, or any telephone worldwide. Allows communication with a guest at the door from any location.
  6. Telephone hands free intercom using house telephones.
  7. Telephone can be answered with a voice mail system.
  8. Telephone access to control or monitor cameras/alarm system.
  9. Telephone access to control lights.
  10. Telephone is used to page selectively, or the entire house.
  11. Telephone access to preheat hot tub.
  12. Telephone system has high speed ADSL line.
  13. Telephone’s “Caller ID” is displayed on TV sets, touch panels, or computer monitors.

Home Office

  1. Home office has dedicated stock market tracking system.
  2. Home office has high-speed satellite download capacity.
  3. Home office is pre-wired with Fax, Modem, Phone, and high-speed data jacks.

Computerized Systems Monitoring

  1. Access by computer or touch screen to any system feature or event, such as lighting control, telephone, A/V, theatre, camera, or security.
  2. Computer automation menu can be viewed and used on all authorized house TV sets.
  3. Electric hot water heater runs only during programmed times.
  4. Excessive energy use is announced over speaker system, or if preferred, a message will flash on certain computer monitors and touch screens.
  5. Fireplace (gas or electric) activated by “Romantic” mode, “Show off” mode, “Party” mode or “Awake” mode.
  6. Fireplace (gas or electric) control is possible from event or mode operation to preheat room.
  7. HVAC operation and house temperature can be monitored and controlled using any internet telephone.
  8. Jacuzzi or hot tub can be pre-heated from house modes like “Relax” or “Party”, or by internet telephone.
  9. Mail left in the mailbox signals the house that mail has been delivered.
  10. Television on-screen menu allows control of all A/V components.
  11. Central vacuum stops when doorbell rings.
  12. Central vacuum stops while phone rings.
  13. “Control” can be activated by computer or over the internet.
  14. “Control” can be activated by touch panel or button panel.
  15. “Control” can be activated by telephone or motion.
  16. “Control” can be activated by pressure.
  17. “Control” can be activated by time.
  18. “Control” can be activated by photo sensor (beam) or photo sensor (light).
  19. “Control” can be activated by a UFO landing, sneeze, cough, or even the Spanish Inquisition.