Modern Loft

Installation Story

This client had many design requirements that were important to him, not least of which was that the whole suite was designed around his artwork. Initial requirement was that we install a complete whole-house automation system, including multi-room audio, 3 video locations, lighting, and a user-friendly interface. All had to fit in with the design of the suite, of course.

Video is displayed on 2 50″ plasma screens. The living room display swivels 180 degrees to allow use from the kitchen as well. Videos are stored on a server. For multi-zone, multi-source music we chose the Crestron PAD8A 8-source/8-zone matrix, driving a Speakercraft BB1235 amplifier and Speakercraft in-ceiling speakers.

A 21″ monitor in the Office is used as video display and office computer monitor. Control of the house is done via a Crestron Pro2 CPU, internet enabled, using X-panel (any computer can control the house). The Pro2 communicates with the lighting CPU, computers, security, etc.

Control surfaces include button keypads in all rooms, as well as X-panel web pages which work with any PC, PDA, or Web tablet. A touch panel/monitor is installed in the kitchen for central control and TV. This removes for the need for multiple switches, panels, keypads, etc, so each room has no more than 1 standard sized keypad with up to 9 buttons. This way you notice the art, not the controls!