The Central Lighting Solution

With Centralized Lighting control solutions, smart lighting modules perform all dimming, switching and load management. They are tucked away in a panel located in a mechanical room or closet. Consequently, you can focus entirely on the beauty and not worry about the brains. Since it’s in one place, it’s often called centralized. Or, because the controls are in a panel, well you can guess the rest.

In any case, it eliminates the need for any more than a single gang keypad or dimmer in any space. This makes your Calgary home’s interior very clean and uncluttered. One light switch is only needed wherever you want lighting control. Say goodbye to that bank of eight switches in the kitchen hallway forever. This approach to lighting integration is an important part of a modern smart home automation.

Generally speaking, most fully automated lighting home projects still have a combination of centralized and wireless lighting components. Often a hybrid design makes the best performance and value for a Calgary home.  We can sit down with you to determine if that design is right for you. If so, we can help build your lighting system. This includes the perfect combination of those centralized and wireless lighting control solutions.

A Lighting Control Tutorial

The following videos are a step-by-step tutorial. It shows how to connect all those wires you had your electrician pull to the basement. You can use these for the centralized portion of your home build or renovation. This is a great “how to” presentation for people who want to educate themselves on how Control4 (or most any other manufacturer) centralized lighting control connects up at the breaker panel. It’s part of  what our boys do when they disappear into the basement just before drywall, if you are wondering!

It is a very good idea to have your electrician take a look at this before he comes out to your home too. If you don’t, you run the risk of knowing more than he does in this one area – and that’s not a good way to build that relationship!