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Welcome to K&W Audio

Here at K&W Audio we cover a wide range of products. From great sounding stereo systems to a complete turn key electronically integrated home, we have the products and expertise. We have been serving the Calgary area since 1978. We offer high-end solutions for custom smart homes, private home theatres, home electronics and lighting control.

In every case, we have the process to finding the best fit for you. We sit down with you and listen to your ideas. Then, we place ourselves in your shoes. This way, we can design a system that is custom fit to you, your needs and your budget. Even if you didn’t know what they were before you contacted us!

The Best System for Your Lifestyle

Regardless of size or type, your system should be user-friendly while satisfying the lifestyle requirements of every household member, 24 hours a day. Sounds simple but it really isn’t!

Your system may need to constantly monitor the home environment. Or, it be able to source a wide range of information instantly. It can create a desired mood with music and lighting in any given location. It can also provide entertainment for a few, or many, family members and their guests.

Sound complex? That’s why K&W Audio is here – to take the stress away from you. You don’t have to learn about everything you should know to pull off a system that works for your needs – that’s our job.

Our team of consultants, programmers, installation techs, coordinators and service specialists can help to ensure you get precisely what you need. Your equipment can blend with your home environment, or show off the home’s high tech nature, however you would like.

K&W Audio Offers Proper Planning, Complete Integration

In a quality system of any size, each piece of the package needs to be chosen to play a role, it must become a “team player” if you will, by fully integrating with the system’s concept. In some systems, redundancy in key areas must be taken into account, so that if one piece malfunctions or you choose to upgrade, it does not cause the system to fail or require replacement.

The system should also be compatible with new technology as it develops, eliminating the need to make future wholesale changes wherever possible.

Give us a call – or drop by for a visit our shop in downtown Calgary. We don’t bite, and we guarantee we will show you things that will make your new system better than you ever imagined!