Here is home theater built for friends, family and especially grandchildren to enjoy.  A basement renovation set the stage and the client decided he wanted the best home theater he could get.  Both technically and design-wise, if it was something he wanted, he got it.

We spent a lot of time on the design and used our expertise to provide a result that we hoped would exceed the customers’ expectations.  Partnering with Lobello Manufacturing, a high-end millwork shop, prolific use of exotic Madagascar Ebony defines the decor with smooth styling and electric appeal.

Equipped with motion simulators in the custom theatre seats by D-BOX, the client also wanted a big, vibrant image with powerful sound.  The speaker system is comprised of top end Martin Logan electrostatics.  The high-performance audiophile speaker.  The amplification is handled by Anthem, with the very latest Marantz surround pre-amp doing the decoding duties. This system offers space, air and grand slam – all at the same time.

It also features a 4K-laser projector with an anamorphic lens.  It’s fed by the state of the art Kaleidescape movie and media server offering uncompressed content for any movie. Together they deliver the absolute best picture quality in the wider cinema aspect ratio on the over eleven-foot wide screen.

The system is operated easily by a Control4 automation system, featuring touchscreens, tablet and phone access.

Overlooking that eye-catching décor, the coffered ceiling is enhanced with beautiful wood cross beam details accommodating multiple Martin Logan speakers for the latest in Dolby ATMOS surround sound.  This room feature THREE rows of ATMOS speakers, a first in home theater decode. A full wet bar further affords convenience with style.  The rooms LED lighting system can even provide any color desired to create the mood to match the genre of entertainment.  Red certainly looks great here when viewing Mad Max!

If this theater makes you want to do something unique in your home, give us a call or send us an email to arrange a meeting today!