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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
– Arthur C. Clarke
Ad NotamAD Notam are German made, custom-engineered, LCD technology hidden behind mirrors in your bedroom or bathroom. They are the are the pioneers in the LCD Mirror TV industry. A very cool custom solution for your home!
CLO Systems X-ArmCLO Systems X-Arm make only the coolest flat panel motorized mount you have ever seen! Try it and you will have to have one.
Control4Control4 manufacture a complete line of affordable wired and wireless automation products, making safety, convenience, comfort and economy available to virtually anyone. They are the most forward thinking and dynamic full system offering available.
CrestronCrestron is the original boardroom automation solution that found it’s way into the home. We offered this line for many years when they were the only game in town, but today things have changed. When our ongoing value assessment kept showing that there are other options we feel are superior in every way, we finally decided to stop offering it. We still have programming capability for clients who have a legacy system. However when designing a new system today, we have other options that we know offer better value and serve our customers interests even better.
D-Box Motion SimulatorD-BOX™: and the Integrated Motion System (IMS) is the next dimension of your cinematic experience. Taking you into the movie, you actually feel the rush of flight, the bumps in the road, the pulse of ocean swells on the shore – all of the on-screen action is brought to you as never before!
Elite Window FashionsElite Window Fashions offers a complete line of contemporary hard and soft window coverings brings you an extensive choice of colours, materials, fabrics, and features. One of the leading Canadian window coverings manufacturers.
Inca Automation LiftsInca make all the cool motorized products that make home automation magic. Dumbwaiters, projector lifts, motorized closet rings – you name it, this is what makes automation fun!
IntegraIntegra has been – and always will be – built by audio enthusiasts, for audio enthusiasts. They make premium A/V components that the enthusiasts love and the industry admires.
Just Add PowerJust Add Power designs and builds a variety of innovative technology solutions for the 21st century. The name Just Add Power reflects their philosophy of building easy to use solutions to solve problems in connectivity and distribution. Just Add Power devices are designed to be simple to install, use, and maintain.
KaleidescapeKaleidescape make the absolute coolest DVD and Music management product ever devised. The user interface is stone simple to use and it’s just as reliable. Rip it all to a multi terabyte hard drive, and surf it with any display in the house. Did we mention it scales everything to High Def levels too?
Key DigitalKey Digital offers complete video solution products like HDMI Baluns, video scalers, video processors, video distribution amplifiers, video switching devices, they have a complete solution for high performance video installations.
MarantzMarantz: has always created products which can be at the heart of all ultimate Hi-Fi systems. The KI Pearl & Reference series continue to show that music does in fact matter.
NestNest: Makers of the coolest smart thermostats and smoke detectors.
PerplasPerplas: Cable management. These guys make covers and solutions to ugly cable that help make any install first class.
ReQuestReQuest has the distinction of being the first manufacturer to fully realize the advantages of a digital music system. They made hard drive based music and video server systems that have now been eclipsed by many. Thus – it’s gone the way of the dodo.
RussoundRussound make entry level distributed audio products. You can do better, but it will be a bit more money too.
SavantSavant An automation system we offered in the past, now eclipsed by other offerings. This automation system uses a Linux processor in an Apple computer box. Initially it was offered as the only way to integrate Apple with your automation system, which it did, but today pretty much every good automation system does the same thing (for quite a bit less money too). Good stuff but no longer great value to price for the feature set offered.
SeuraSeura offer unique Flat Panel TV mounting and display solutions. TV’s behind mirrors and outdoor TV’s are their specialty.
SonosSonos makes it so easy to add music to your life. In one room. Or many.Wireless and IP based music distribution that’s simple and affordable.
SpeakerCraftSpeakerCraft invented the architectural speaker. They also offer Audio/Video control systems that are a perfect fit for many. They are also one of the coolest, best run companies in this field. Quality product and support like no one else.
Universal Remote ControlUniversal Remote Control: Manufacturers of good value aftermarket remotes.
VantageVantage: This lighting automation company out of Utah, has grown into a full fledged control system company. They offer a full range of quality integration items which are robust and offer great value…wired or wireless.

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