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If you want a garden to complement your home design, call a landscape architect. When you want a smart home, call us.

Houzz recently surveyed first-time home buyers, specifically millennial’s, to find out what’s top of their wish list when buying or renovating a new home. Of the 100,000 people surveyed for the Houzz & Home report, over a quarter of respondents said smart home technology is very important to them. The report showed that first-time home buyers are more likely to prioritize the integration of smart technology in their purchase or during a renovation than repeat buyers and long-term homeowners. One-third of recent home buyers are investing in home automation (33 percent) compared to 16 percent of long-term owners.

Home owner or a home builder, positively differentiating your home can be a challenge.  But, when it’s done right, it can make a huge difference to the value of the home, and the enjoyment of it.  Here at K&W Audio & Automation we  offer easy-to-use, smart electronics solutions that just work. We add real value to a home owner’s investment that just isn’t available in most homes.

Our people, products and expertise add great features to your home.  If you are a builder we an make the homes you offer better than your competition, and much more marketable too. All without without impacting those all important completion time lines.  If you are a home owner that wants to sell we can add differentiation from the crowd, and if you’ve purchased a home that had smart home electronics installed previously we can assist you to get it running better than ever before.

Experience You Can Rely On

Home automation projects can be very complex and you need expert advice every step of the way.  Engaging a home automation designer is no different than engaging an architect, interior designer or any other design professional.  Here at K&W Audio & Automation, we have been designing and installing automated environments for clients in Canada since 1978.  We have extensive experience working with homeowners, architects, builders and interior designers to create intelligent environments to the most exacting requirements and tastes.

Home Theater Design:

Let us  simplify the control of audio, video and home theater components in your project, eliminating the need for multiple remotes with competent electronic design.  Every element of what we offer depends on a thoughtful design from the beginning, and the home theater is no exception.  Going further, we also offer thoughts on acoustic design of the space, and the accessories to complete the right feel too, including seating (with or without motion built into the seating), lighting features (starfield ceilings and LED), integrated lighting control with the rest of the home, and much more.


Multi-Room Audio &  Video: 

We provide the ability to enjoy  music collections from literally thousands of sources including streaming Tidal, Songza, XM, Napster, Sirius, Net Radio, iTunes, Rhapsody and all of your personal music library to anywhere in the house.  Have us provide the important correct electronic design to manage HDMI, HDR, 4K, 3D, anamorphic squeeze, HDCP copy protection, SmarTV widgets and mismatched resolutions… any one of which can make a TV unwatchable in the modern home.  We can provide a system that can resume watching the movie you paused in the living room on the TV in the bedroom or out on the pool bar area simply. That kind of magic adds real value to any home!

Smart Lighting:

Create scenes that offer powerful control over lights, fans, fireplaces, blinds and outlets – all at the same time.  Smart lighting can combine the complementary use of light fixtures, motorized window treatments, timers & even motion sensors  to enhance the sense of  security and lifestyle of any home while also reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Advanced HVAC Control:

Help conserve energy and ensure comfort with programmed temperature controls, from fans & forced air to power windows and in floor hydronic systems.

The Home Network & Security:

Intelligently integrating the security system & IP cameras with temperature and moisture sensors, is lost on most, but everyone understands the value in being able to simply monitor all of their homes vitals from anywhere on their smart phone.  Our services can give you that, and a create a LAN that is robust and rocking fast too.


We’ve done this at a very high level for 4 decades.  K&W Audio & Automation have integrated a wide range of products at clients request over the years including door locks, window shades, pool controllers, garage turntables, appliance monitors and more.  If you can imagine a way that home-control would make your or your buyers’ lives easier, we have probably already made it happen!  Beyond all of that – we install the best sounding music systems you’ve ever heard.  Period.  When one wants to be able to listen to great quality music at the end of the day we provide a musical experience that will flat out rock your world – AND complement the home while doing it.

Solar Roof Smart Home for Calgary, Alberta

The Rise Of The “Smart Home”

These days electronics and communications technology influences almost every aspect of the home environment and our lives.  Intelligent home technology is increasingly common in new homes and home renovations, and will continue to gain in importance  – especially as one heads toward the top end of the market.

You have your hands full already.  You cannot be an expert at everything, nor are you expected to be. Keeping abreast of rapidly changing home automation technologies is beyond a chore, it’s a full time occupation, and that is where we come in.  You don’t need to know it all – you just need where to turn.

We are specialists in home automation, and have worked in the field for almost 40 years.  During that time we have had the pleasure of working with many great owners, architects, builders and interior designers just like you, with the goal of creating intelligent home environments.

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