Smart Home Automation

Who do you choose to create your Automated Home?

…it’s a fair question!

Choosing your Home Automation integration specialist can be difficult. We know the choices out there, there’s us, there’s your friend’s kid who seems techy. Or maybe an electrician in a white van, or even the industrial boardroom vendor specialized in conference centers. There are all sorts of options out there.

How do we differ from those boardroom/ industrial style suppliers, many of whom don’t have a store front or inventory product? Well, we do have a storefront to begin with. Check it out under our History tab.  Beyond that, let us explain what our strength for you is, so you can make your informed decision.


To begin with, as we said – we are a large bricks and mortar shop with demonstration, service and warehouse spaces. We demonstrate and actually stock millions of dollars of the latest product. That illustrates a level of ongoing competence and commitment we’d expect from anyone we wanted to do business with on our projects, right out of the gate. If we had to run to a vendor to buy what we needed for you job, you’d expect we hadn’t done this a lot – and definitely couldn’t offer the best long term service on something we don’t support. You’d be right.


This is very important, because it illustrates the experience and  level of know-how you can expect during the design and installation phase. Not to mention what level of after the sale service and maintenance to expect. We don’t just have 20 boxes of one thing we concentrate on selling either. We handle a coherent wide selection of the best available audiophile and videophile lines. By coherent we mean every product line has a specific offering it does best at its stated performance level. Industrial type suppliers can provide competent gear. But generally without the additional benefit of quality audio or video reproduction, and reliability. Comparing our selected product lines to cars, if we have Ferrari and BMW type products; they handle lines akin to Dihatsu and Peterbuilt. While they can offer good quality product lines, the intended applications are very different, and the experience using them will be too.


Defining the very best solution for your home is expressed in emotion as well as product features. How you fell about your system is important. We know that the proof of our quality of product delivery is in creating a lasting positive emotional experience for you. The boardroom style supplier is satisfied when the product just works. The extra step of making it work simply, reliably, elegantly – creating a truly engaging, visceral experience is much more difficult. It’s one step most electronics purveyors don’t even understand is a requirement. We have not only the right product lines, but the understanding and expertise to make your integrated system truly special.

Knowing what’s best for your application, is important. But knowing how to integrate it in your home with your existing gear is not ever part of a budget and specs. Yet it’s a very important factor. Understanding your needs, placing ourselves in your shoes and assembling the right gear to achieve what you need and want is an extra we bring to your project. Our understanding and commitment to these details sets us – and you, apart.


Our people go that one step further.  we listen to you and understand your needs. To do that takes time, commitment and a passion for the task at hand. Everyone here loves their job, and we are all long time professionals in this field. It’s a dream come true to do what you love, and we are thankful to do it. It’s only possible to get the best performance & fit from a set of components when that is truly the goal. For everyone here, it’s a question of competence, passion, pride and delivering what is promised, not dollars. We take pride in our work, and it shows!

Home Automation Advice at K&W Audio in Calgary


In any job one can run into problems & setbacks, including us. We believe how one reacts to these setbacks defines the character of a person and a company. We proactively pursue solutions to setbacks with the best performance and your satisfaction as our only goals. Not just making it work, but making it work in the best way. From sourcing a new line to address a unique challenge, to adjusting time lines to accommodate a client’s changing requirements, there is no step we will not take to do it right.


Our suppliers are the same. They have to be, in order to sell great gear, and they have a higher level of motivation to ensure that their product shines. The guys representing the product lines we handle are the best in the industry – and that’s not an idle claim. They all adhere to our supplier standards, listed here. Boardroom/industrial providers don’t have this level of supplier support, because they don’t forge a relationship with the suppliers, by virtue of their business model. They buy the product that fits the specs for the cheapest dollar. In fact the least amount of investment for maximum profit is the basis of this type of supplier model. Not us. After over 40 years of forging those relationships we have the inside track with a huge base of suppliers and technical support. All are willing to lend as much technical and sales support as we need to achieve stellar results for you – that’s a lot of people and power in your corner.


Often when looking at the specs of a job provided by others, it becomes apparent that many critical details have not been thought through that affect the project’s outcome. Those areas can be handled in different ways. Our’s is to put ourselves in the shoes of the user via consultation and communication, then define what is needed. We then find the product or service that best satisfies those parameters. Connecting gear, realizing more is required and returning to the client for more money at the end of the job, or substituting cheaper gear to cover the mismanagement at the design stage works too. But that isn’t ethical, your goal or ours! Time, effort, competence & commitment are required to perform at the level we provide. You would and should expect no less, and neither do we.


We understand long term service. It’s our business model. This area gets a lot of lip service these days, but we walk the walk. That, in fact, is the heart of our success. We’ve had people purchase systems from us decades ago, today their sons and daughters and even grand kids also have our systems in their homes. Our people have moved gear from one home to another, traded in, serviced and upgraded systems over the years as needed. Simply put, we have proudly been at our client’s family’s call for decades now. Our firm relies on that kind of return and referral business.  To ensure it continues, your satisfaction is critical to our business model. Initial competence, long term support and truly understanding your needs are the only path to those goals. Going the extra mile on the little things as well as the larger needs is an area we feel we do very well. Your home isn’t a boardroom, nor a corporation which in a short time forgets just where that troublesome issue came from. You need and deserve more than that.

The Package

So, to wrap it up … why us on your project? We know what we are doing. We listen. We have the finest gear, the best people, the right attitude passion, & the most contacts to get all areas done right. We’ve done this for over 40 years. We have a workaholic dedication and pride that won’t let us settle for anything less than the very best. A real understanding of the long-term commitment to the clients ongoing needs. Every system is a statement as to who we are, and who you are. Our company is only as good as our last system. We want to show you that we are the best for you, and live up to your and our high expectations. All we ask, is that you give us that opportunity.