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Speaker Solutions for Your Calgary Home

What was that? You’re looking for a great, trustworthy brand of speakers for your home?  Look (and listen) no further. K&W Audio is your “one-stop shop” in Calgary for quality HiFi speakers, including speaker systems, speaker kits and accessories.

Choose from our curated selection of top brands and products, knowing you also get great service and support. Our friendly staff is eager to help you find the best speaker solution for your home.

Aerial Acoustics
Aerial Acoustics: The Theater Wall is a unique approach to a turnkey high end Home Theater audio and screen system. Its modular design allows SYSTEM 1 to accommodate video screens of different sizes, types and aspect ratios. Your screen may have an HDTV 16×9 or CinemaScope 2.35:1 aspect ratio. It may be flat or curved, or incorporates variable masking. Each SYSTEM 1 includes everything required to create an assembly seemingly tailor-made to your specifications. Additionally, unlike completely customized built-in systems, the adaptable SYSTEM 1 can be moved to a different space or re-sized for a different screen.
Bang & OlufsenB&O: is the oldest stereo manufacturer in the world makes some very nice portable audio components.
BluesoundBluesound is an alliance of audiophiles dedicated to delivering on the promise of wireless, digitally perfect high-fidelity audio.
Definitive TechnologyDefinitive Technology: This US manufacturer of speakers offers great sounding direct and importantly BiPolar speakers. Built in powered subs integrated to some offerings make their speakers a great option for home Theater as well as stereo listening.
GradoGrado: John Grado (Joe’s Nephew) continues the tradition of offering some of the worlds finest headphones and cartridges.This one of the oldest family owned audio companies, and their passion for perfection is the main reason why.
KlipschKlipsch: The oldest speaker manufacturer in North America, starting out in 1946! The award-winning Klipsch THX® Ultra2 custom home theater system brings real cinema sound to the comforts of home by using the same professional-grade technology as Klipsch’s renowned commercial theater systems.
Martin LoganMartin Logan: The de-facto best electrostatic speaker manufacturer in the world – they also make in ceiling speakers and a fantastic subwoofer ot two as well. This type of loudspeaker has a unique sound that for many defines “High End”. Their electrostatics have the best warranty, the largest price range and highest performance capability of any panel speaker manufacturer. Also, they just look so cool!
MK SoundMK Sound was founded in 1974, and is one of the very few manu­facturers with over three decades of experi­ence in designing and manufacturing subwoofers and other high-end loudspeakers, as well as serving the audiophile recording ex­perience. If you want to hear it on speakers the professionals used, look no further!
Paradigm has set the standard for sonic excellence in what we consider the “absolutely essential” performance/value relationship for over twenty-five years. This famously Canadian Speaker, subwoofer and wireless steamer manufacturer receives rave reviews the world over.
PSBPSB Speakers has been around since 1972. Founded by Paul Barton they are a Canadian, speaker and subwoofer company, creating a broad range of quality high performance, loudspeakers for music and home cinema applications.
SpeakerCraftSpeakerCraft: Looking for a flush mount in ceiling speaker? SpeakerCraft invented the product category. Other well respected companies in this arena copy their designs on a regular basis only to be outdone again the next year. Unexpectedly great sound from a category of speakers that has become legitimate in the eyes of hard to please audiophiles. Affordable to exotic with lifetime unquestioned warranty, they have the category wrapped up with quality, performance, support and price.
SennheiserSennheiser: Headphones and microphones, if it’s got anything to do with either in the last 60 years, these are the guys who invented it.
SonosSonos offer a unique wireless  speaker, subwoofer and streamer line that have revolutionized the world of wireless speakers. Easy to set up and near bullet proof this line is the benchmark for wireless speakers all others must be judged against!
Stealth AcousticsStealth Acoustics offer a full-range of loudspeaker systems that becomes completely invisible after installation. When we say completely we mean it! These in ceiling speakers look like drywall, and after installation and paint there is NO evidence of speakers in your ceilings or walls. They sound surprisingly good too!
Totem AcousticTotem Acoustic: To the native North American people the Totem represents an entity that chooses an individual and then guides and defines that person through his life. To us, they define not only the Canadian audiophile loudspeaker and subwoofer, but perhaps the audiophile loudspeaker regardless of country of origin. In case you didn’t know, saying Canadian loudspeaker is like saying Italian car. Canadian speakers are among the best in the world and nothing draws you into the music more convincingly than Totem.
TriadTriad: Makers of great sounding custom built speakers for the custom home. Bespoke finishes and sizing mean you can have a speaker built specifically for your chosen environment.

A look back at a Paradigm shift.

Martin Logan Electromotion are electrifying. See what we did there? 🙂

Great Totem Overview. Vince Is Simply An Audio Guru!

PSB are great Canadian loudspeakers

MK are the first word in THX Home Theater speaker systems.

Triad custom speakers