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Open During Covid-19

We hope you and your family are happy, healthy and together.  Here at the shop, we are still open during regular business hours and we’ve implemented in-house and on site Covid-19 protocols to keep everyone healthy and safe. Your home automation system manages your home’s critical systems – and we are here to ensure it […]

Your Home Simplified

INTRODUCING CONTROL4 SMART HOME OS 3   Your Control4 system just got better. Bring more to your Smart Home experience by updating your Control4 system to OS 3. It has a clean fresh look, great new features and incredible performance.   OS 3 boasts more than a thousand enhancements, and the user interface is where […]

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2014 to 2017 Houzz Winners!

Best of Houzz Awards - K&W Audio for Service, Design of Home Theater, Home Automation in Calgary.

Positive Feedback

Thanks a lot for the custom built cable!

Thanks a lot for the custom built cable! It works perfectly. It's so cool to see the sub now be perfectly in sync to a receiver. I wish I had started using the trigger function years ago.

Customer service was beyond any expectations I could dream.

I was in need of help after moving and discovering that my Sub woofer volume was now a problem for neighbours.
My old Sony system was certainly not purchased at K&W but I was desperate for immediate help.
Customer service provided ...

I had a great experience

I had a great experience with K&W. I would recommend K&W to anyone. - Frank

Our system is awesome!!

Just wanted to thank all of you for your great work.  Just ask me how happy I am with the conversion to Control4 from Elan.  Our system is working flawlessly.... we rock it out making dinner and then spend our evenings between “Suits” (compl...

Absolutely Amazing

Everything went very well. I wasn't home but my wife said out of every service guy we have EVER had, he was absolutely amazing.

The Happiest I've Ever Been

Just finished listening to Roger Waters, The Wall and it is the happiest I've ever been with the playback of any system I have had or heard!

Thanks for all your help sorting out the new projector and receiver this week... you guys are the best for a reason.

Thanks for all your help sorting out the new projector and receiver this week, you guys are the best for a reason. Chris, the installer was awesome by the way. Very professional, called ahead of time to keep me posted, hugely knowledgeable, went o...

Amazing guys and they are doing an incredible job

I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you and ensure two individuals that work for you get recognized, Geoff and Chris.

Geoff, from day one has treated me with such respect and kindness and has always given me a sense of confidence in K...

Loved remotely turning on lights and unlocking my door.

Thank you. I loved walking home last night and remotely turning on my porch and entry lights as well as unlocking my front door!

I. Hurlbert
We're enjoying the Marantz processor and Totem speaker combo...

I'm doing some housework today and had to stop to sit down and do some listening in our living room. Just thought I'd send a note to say how much we're enjoying the Marantz processor and Totem speaker combo in our place. The audio is awesome. Than...

R. Kelly
Sure wish there were more people like you out there.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the chat last night ... and to also thank you for the advice with the Apple TV ... it works! Sure wish there were more people like you out there. I have posted a recommendation for you and your store on the cl...

Awesome! If you need references, you found one.

I must say, everyone who is privileged enough to lay eyes on your rack is awe struck!! Most of them have never seen anything like this before. And when they see me switching on the kitchen TV from the basement…Then even I am impressed, and again...

How happy we were with (Installer)

I wanted to tell you how happy we were with (Installer/ Programmer) Chris. He was a complete professional, incredibly efficient and dedicated to making sure we were happy with the install and product performance. He is a great ambassador for K&...

K. Shumka
A very tidy and well built system.

Thanks once again for a very tidy and well built system. Something (for me) to be proud of.


Thank you for this tremendous lesson in acoustics

Thank you for this tremendous lesson in acoustics yesterday and sharing your contagious passion for sound, that kept you way after closing time. Incidentally, it made me feel so comfortable with the purchase...


Michel B.
Enjoying our new (Torus) power conditioner

Just a note to say how much my wife and I are enjoying the results of the new (Torus) power conditioner. The sound is noticeably more spacious. The bass is firmer and the high treble is clearer and gentler. The speakers seem to be “comfortable...

K. Delong
This new setup kicks...

This new setup kicks a#@! I actually fear for the structural integrity of my house. 🙂 Thanks again!


Thanks very much for staying late

Thanks very much for staying late at work last night to accommodate me. I really appreciate both that and the deal which you gave me.


I'm VERY happy!

I'm VERY happy! Thank you and your team so very much for the excellent service! Don't forget to bill me! I'll give you a shout next week to proceed with converting to Control4 and get the house fixed up, Thanks!


You are a superstar

Thanks for all of your hard work. You are a superstar. Let's stay in touch, at least I plan to. I love the system so much, it is so awesome and I plan on building on it at some future point. In fact, I am blasting it now!



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