TV Soundbars at K&W Audio in Calgary

Can you hear me now? – Sawyer Brown

BluesoundBluesound is an alliance of audiophiles dedicated to delivering on the promise of wireless, digitally perfect high-fidelity audio.
Definitive TechnologyDefinitive Technology make a variety of Soundbar solutions, from a passive LCR driven by any existing Surround Sound amplifier to a amplified HDMI switching pseudo surround unit boasting a wireless Subwoofer and absolutely killer sound value!
Martin LoganMartin Logan’s Soundbar offering is beautifully crafted – from any angle. Amplified with a simple digital input and wireless connectivity to their impressive subwoofer ensures it works simply with any TV and offers Play-fi too.
ParadigmParadigm offers a range of Canadian designed and built soundbar solutions. Their manufaturing prowess and renown ability to creat speakers that offer great value is just as obvious here.
SONOSSONOS are the absolute leaders in wireless audio distribution. Their products are reliable, easy to set up and leading edge..oh, and very affordable too!
TriadTriad: Custom made soundbars to your exact specification.
YamahaYamaha invented the Soundbar category. Their offerings are full featured amplified units with HDMI switching wireless connectivity to a subwoofer offering incredibly believable surround without any rear speakers. Their legendary prowess in DSP manufacturing technologies almost give them an unfair advantage!

All the Music, TV and Movies in the world from one bar!

A Definitive Sound Bar

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