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“…it’s unrivaled in its

role as a house-wide

entertainment machine.”

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Kaleidescape Movie Player

“The Kaleidescape System is just a media server the way Patek Philippe is just a watch, Kristal just a sparkling wine, or Bentley just a car. It offers the highest level of refinement, sophistication, and elegance of operation while remaining simple enough for a child to use. Personal movie and music libraries can easily be worth $10,000 or more, so why not get something that lets you enjoy yours to the max? For that, there’s simply nothing better today than a Kaleidescape Movie & Music Server.”

The Kaleidescape 1U Server delivers movies and music, over a standard residential network, simultaneously to Kaleidescape Movie Players and Music Players throughout the home.  Once movies and music are stored on your Kaleidescape 1U Server, they can be enjoyed instantly in any Player equipped room.

As your collection grows you can add additional Kaleidescape Disk Cartridges to increase storage capacity for your movies and music.  A single 1U Server can store up to 335 DVDs or 3,750 CDs. Multiple Servers can be clustered in a single System to store many thousands of movies and albums as a single collection.

Some Quick Notes:

  • New lower price point for a complete system
  • Stores up to 335 DVDs or 3,750 CDs
  • Multiple Servers can be clustered to provide over 100 terabytes of seamless storage
  • Proprietary RAID-K technology keeps your content safe even if a hard drive fails!
  • Serves up to 25 simultaneous video or audio zones per Server
  • Uses standard 100/1000Base-T Ethernet
  • Requires only 1.75 inches (1U) of rack space
  • Automatically alerts Kaleidescape when a service call is required
  • Automatic software updates from Kaleidescape via the Internet
  • The ONLY system presently available to offer legal storage of movie content!