Introducing the Kaleidescape Mini System: A Complete Multi-Zone Entertainment Server in a Compact and Affordable Package. The Mini System is the first Kaleidescape product to integrate a complete multi-zone Kaleidescape System into a single component, and the first to include a remote control.

kaleidescape mini system remote

Its elegant industrial design is beautifully suited for a living room, and it installs as easily as an ordinary DVD player. The Mini System can be expanded by adding Players – so you can enjoy your entertainment collection in other rooms of your home, by adding Servers to accommodate your growing collection, or by adding other Mini Systems to do both.

Browsing your collection on a Mini System is simple and rewarding. With the press of a button, your movies or music are sorted by title, actor, artist, director, genre, year-of-release or run time. Kaleidescape’s Movie and Music Guide Services automatically cross-reference your entertainment collection to help you rediscover your favorites and share them with family and friends.

Family entertainment

High-resolution cover art provides a rich & endless panorama to help you quickly identify the movies and music that are “just right” for the occasion.”The Kaleidescape Experience” makes choosing a movie, or album interesting and fun for the entire family. It truly reintroduces you to your collection in a fresh way.

Kaleidescape Mini System A Complete Multi-Zone Entertainment Server

Stores Up To 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs

The base Mini System stores up to 75 DVDs or 825 CDs and can be expanded by adding Disk Cartridges to store up to 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs, or any equivalent combination. Content stored on a Mini System is protected by Kaleidescape’s RAID-K technology, and need not be re-imported if a hard disk drive fails.

Kaleidescape's RAID-K technology

Stunning 1080p Output

The Mini System produces beautiful leading edge scaled high-definition output from DVDs, providing a viewing experience that rivals Blu-ray. The Mini System adapts its video processing to the type of content being viewed, and its 10-bit 4:4:4 color processing renders accurate colors, natural skin tones and nuanced shadows. Motion adaptive deinterlacing produces crystal clear video with smooth motion.

Stunning 1080p Output

Two Additional Music Zones

Along with the 1080p movie zone, the Mini System includes two more independent music zones so that a movie can be watched in one room while music is enjoyed in other parts of the home.

DVD/CD Playback from Disc

DVD/CD Playback from Disc

A DVD or CD need not be imported into a Mini System in order to enjoy it with the Kaleidescape Experience. High resolution cover art and other details are displayed whenever a DVD is inserted. Select Play to directly start the movie without trailers and advertisements even for rented DVDs!

the Kaleidescape Experience

Simple Installation

The Mini System installs easily by connecting it to power, the Internet and a television display. That’s it! With the included Kaleidescape remote, it’s ready for immediate use. It is shipped configured as a free-standing component, but it can also be adapted for rack-mounting with the included kit, if you desire. Drop by to experience this exciting new server! If you would like to learn more from the horses mouth, click here!