Shop for SONOS in Calgary at K&W Audio

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We are your specialty  SONOS shop in Calgary

We are one of the largest volume Sonos dealers in Calgary, and a full-service retail shop. Every one of our staff and installers are intimately familiar with all aspects of the SONOS wireless ecosystem. Most of us own the product too. We are here to help you with any questions you may have when researching or purchasing your new Sonos system.

Looking for wireless speakers? The Play 1, Play 3, and the Play 5 are your choices. Any of those selections can be ordered as a single speaker for the space, or order 2 and run them as a stereo pair for the full stereo experience.

If a TV Soundbar is your choice, they offer two options. The Playbar and the Playbase offer identical features, and the only decision you make is do you need a speaker to sit under the TV as a stand (Playbase) or more conventionally on the wall under the set (Playbar).

Bass adds richness to the experience, and their completely wireless Sub mates with any of these options to deliver power and authority. All of these options are available in either Black or White.

The Connect and Connect Amp are all that are left. They are aimed at adding wireless music streaming to your existing stereo system, or multi room audio system. Ask us which option is best for your application.

That’s it. The entire line in a nutshell. Beyond that, the whole thing is controlled via an intuitive app on your iPhone, Android, PC, or Tablet. We do show an extensive Sonos system at our shop, so you can experience it first hand before you buy. Drop by today and play with an operating system before you buy. You will finally get to see what the buzz is all about!