The Kaleidescape Experience

Kaleidescape Cinema One is the best movie player you can buy. It combines pristine picture quality with high-fidelity sound to transform your living room into the ultimate home theater. Unlike streaming services, Cinema One lets you enjoy all of your movies in true bit-for-bit Blu-ray and DVD quality—whether imported from CD, DVD, or Blu-ray, or downloaded from the Kaleidescape Store. It stores up to 600 DVD or 100 Blu-ray quality movies and automatically catalogs your library in an award-winning user interface. What’s more, you can simply download Blu-ray quality movies right from the Kaleidescape Store—the only store that offers movie downloads with the same audio/video fidelity as Blu-ray discs.

You get even more when you add a second Cinema One. Two Cinema One players linked together double the available storage and combine their contents into a single seamless library that can be enjoyed in two rooms – more when connected to a HDMI matrix switcher. The combined system stores 200 Blu-ray quality movies or 1,200 DVD quality movies. Pause a movie in your one room and resume it later (even days later) in any other room, exactly where you left off.

Simple, slick and expandable – it’s great value!