D Box Chair

Your favorite movie, you remember it. You can watch it again and again with the same excitement and emotional feeling as watching it the first time. Imagine watching that movie while you physically feel it.

That massive explosion of the missile making contact that jolts you in your seat. The feeling of banking in your seat as the fighter jet banks left in a frantic dog fight, or the fine vibration felt as that jet is taxiing on the runway prior to take-off. The rumbling that’s felt as the CART Indy car races down the track.

The proudly Canadian company, D-Box, makes this a reality! D-Box motion platforms can be used with individual chairs and even your living room couch, and are controlled by a D-Box Motion Controller that sits with your DVD or Blu-ray player.

There are more than 900 movie titles with D-Box motion code available on DVD and Blu-ray, with more titles continually being released. D-box is also designed for your favorite video games as well. Visit our store for a truly moving demonstration. You will not look at movies or games the same way again.
D-BOX Technologies Inc. D-BOX Motion Code™ system creates real-life motion in your seat that’s perfectly synced to the action you see on screen.

D-Box Quest Chairs

Mall of America welcomes D-Box to their state of the art Theaters