Savant Home Automation platform

Savant Home Automation platform

The Savant Home Automation platform is the only Apple based Home Automation system currently available. The Apple / Savant IOS offers simplicity, robustness and elegance in a reliable and infinitely expandable system. If you are looking for a Premium Home Automation system that does it all – simply and reliably look no further than K&W Audio and Savant!

With a premium product often one has to ask is the cost versus other competitors justified? Obviously, that depends on your individual requirements and expectations. That’s why there is more than one option when considering any Home Automation system.

A Savant Home Automation System is defiantly a premium product, and any Home Automation System needs to be selected on the basis of how well it delivers on your needs. That’s why we are here. We’ve assembled a couple of great value to price Savant Systems, seen above, which offer outstanding versatility for a couple of common system goals. If you need help with options or design give us a call and lets talk about all of you options with Savant.

Interested in how Savant Home Automation works?

An in depth demonstration of the Savant iPad App.

The Savant Automation Temperature Control Application is very cool… or hot!

Brad Middleton – a real Savant, takes us on a tour…

Savant Docks!

For Savant – Home Theater Control is only a start!