Home Theater Room Design with 2:35 Aspect Screen and Martin Logan Speakers

Great home theater room design ensures your Home Theater is the most comfortable environment for watching movies imaginable. Take your spouse on a date to the movies, enjoy having your children around sharing a bowl of popcorn, invite your friends over for dinner and top the evening off with a feature film in your own theater.

We can help you to mesh cutting edge design and acoustic performance into something really special. We can help you to design your custom Home Theater  environment to suit your taste and budget, while making sure that all the required subtle acoustical nuances are realized so the performance of movies, music, and even your children’s private performances are fantastic.

Custom Home Theater Room Design Drawings by K&W Audio

Today’s home theaters require an understanding of all of the audio and visual demands that may be placed upon them. From 4K to Anamorphic and Atmos, the guys at K&W Audio & Automation have the expertise to make your theater dreams come alive in a way more exciting than you imagined. The hundreds of home theaters we have helped complete show we know how to execute with a level of performance and quality worthy of your home, let us apply that knowledge to your Theater.

If you have a space that cry’s out for a absolutely great Home Theater, and want some help in planning, or execution – grab your plans and ideas and come visit us today. Our Home Theater room design experts take all the information supplied by you and the physical space with which we have to work and turns them into a result that surpasses you dream. We can do it all, from fit to finish, or we can just help out with the elements you require a little expertise with.

We have pictures of some of the many theater designs we have completed under our installations tab on this site.  Take some time and browse through them and perhaps you will get some ideas that can help inspire your dream theater.
The finished Home Theater Room Design Project by K&W Audio

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