Custom made Leather Power Recliner Seating for Home Theater

The look of any home theater is defined by the seating.  Your in-home movie viewing experience deserves nothing less than the best.  That’s why we handle a variety of seating options, some even with D-Box motion simulators built in.

Well known manufacturers like Elite, and Salamander Designs give you “The best seats in the house” every time.  We invite you to experience the difference premium quality makes to your Home Theater experience.  We think you’ll agree, when you’ve sat in the Front Row of an Elite Home Theater seat from K&W Audio, nothing else compares!

You can custom design your home theater seating in any way you choose.  Size, materials, color and options are all areas you can define, to make your home theater seating bespoke.

Available finished for Elite Home Theater seating

If you want a little extra “voom” in your seating, check out the D-Box line of Motion Seating additions.  With D- Box, you can experience quality theater seating with professional level motion simulation built right in, or add it to the seating you already use.  Now you can get the best seat in the house, that can also pull 2 g’s.

If you need custom made furnishings for your theater, we offer manufacturers who make their furnishings specifically for the Home Theater application.  It makes a real difference. That means very high quality cabinets, custom designed for your needs with cable management, enough room for the biggest gear, even cooling options too. Don’t forget those window coverings either.  So many home theaters have windows, and we don’t want the light degrading the experience.  Black them out at the touch of a button with QMotion power black out shades – made in Canada.

We demonstrate all of these products on our floor – drop by soon for a low level fly by.

Home Theater Seating

BDI has great furniture designed specifically for home theater

Salamander furniture can be custom configured to your needs.

Don’t Forget You Need A Comfy Spot!

If your Home Theater has a window, this is a furnishing you need.

Seating with the experience built in. Cool red Totem speakers too…

Home Theater Seating