Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15A

25183770310_eb1bbe1497_bA Masterpiece of Design & Engineering

Electrostatic speakers are one of the finest audio transducer philosophies invented.  The sound is effortless, dynamic, room filling and enveloping.  The finest electrostats take you further into the musical experience, and now with the introduction of the Renaissance ESL 15A, Martin Logan has truly upped that benchmark.

State of the art always comes at a price, so let’s establish right now – creating a new benchmark can’t be inexpensive – the field is just too good already.  Yet, in a world of 6 figure behemoth statement speakers, starting at $33,000.00 isn’t all that outrageous either.

The single largest advancement in electrostatic or just speaker technology is hard to pick out here.  How about the Advanced MicroPerf stator technology, which allows for almost twice the exposed electrostatic diaphragm surface as a traditional electrostatic panel of the same size?  Or the aluminum woofer section, powered by new dual 500-watt Class-D amplifiers, and controlled by a 24-Bit Vojtko™ DSP Engine and ARC™ (Anthem Room Correction)?  PoweredForce Forward™ bass alignment technology which controls the interaction between the rear-firing woofer and the wall behind that woofer with smart phase-shifting?

There’s more.  So the evolutionary and revolutionary pure technology is certainly here.  Let’s not forget, they look stunning too, available in 3 standard and 7 optional premium finishes.  So what is the most important aspect of these new benchmark speakers?

Simple – how they sound.

So much of the revolutionary part of this design has been around how your room interacts with the speakers, and how to optimise that always elusive combination.  This is the first time ever an electrostatic speaker introduces the integration of exclusive Anthem Room Correction (ARC) and DSP technology to address that goal head on.  The results are breathtaking.

We invite you to drop by for a listen and hear what you’ve probably never experienced before.  The new Masterpiece series is setting a new reference benchmark in each price point they offer. Here are just a few of the review of not only the new Renaissance ESL 15A, but it’s family siblings as well.

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