Tip #48:

“I need some ideas for gifts for my significant other.” We are always here to help, and in that vein here is a little list of ideas that may help twig you on a direction to go.

Gift Idea #1: Remote controls are always a good place to start. So may people have a mess of multiple controllers and perform complex rituals just to sit down and relax with their home entertainment system. Home Theatre Master makes a variety of remotes, which will change all that, but 2 really stand out as a great value. The MX350 and the MX900 look very similar. These award winning hand held remotes look great with their little LCD screens, are easy to use and will run virtually ANYTHING. To quote a review by Remote Central ” the MX is a top notch remote control with loads of power and a proven design”. The proven design referred to is that of the MX350. The MX900 does everything the MX350 does, but it also offers the ability to be programmed and manipulated on your computer, plus speak wirelessly across all boundaries, allowing you to run a cable/satellite box or multi-room amplifier located in another part of the house. It is great for the bedroom or kitchen TV, or for enhancing a music system that runs more than one room.

Gift Idea #2: If the kitchen needs a TV.  Sharp offers the sexiest LCD flat panel TVs on the market, and, combined with Peerless mounting brackets, very little space is needed to store the TV when not in use. The most popular sizes are 13″, 15″ and 20″, and we have them on sale, with a manufacturer’s rebate of $200.

Gift Idea #3: Replace the VCR/DVD. Now you can get a combination DVD player/ recorder with a built-in hard drive. This unit can play DVDs, record off TV and allow you to store what you want on a shiny new DVD disc. Cool features include instant access to any spot without waiting for a tape to wind, skipping commercials instantly and making custom labelled menus for new family movies. Archiving those family photos on DVD disc, watching Nemo for the tenth time, or recording the latest Fear Factor, this product does it all, better. Dies, VHS, Die!. Visit http://www.panasonic.ca/english/audiovideo/dvd/dmre80.asp for more information.

Gift Idea #4: Music is the soundtrack of our lives. If the kitchen doesn’t have tunes, then maybe it’s time for some in-wall speakers and a cool volume control in the wall. We can help out after the gift is given with do it yourself advice, or provide professional installation. If he finds a set of in-ceiling  or in-wall speakers under the tree with “kitchen” written on them, don’t feel guilty about it. It’s not the same as that last blender present, or being given a custom engraved bowling ball with his name on it! Visit http://www.speakercraft.com/ for more information.

If these little thoughts haven’t perked your creative juices enough, just give us a call. We are here to help.

Store News and Art: On your last drive past K&W Audio you may have noticed a new addition to the outside of our building. Internationally acclaimed artist Derek Besant chose our building for an outdoor sculpture which would spell the word “DREAM” in sign language. We have included a picture of this wonderful outdoor art sculpture on the back page, but you might want to stop  by to enjoy it for yourself.