Arcam Solo Movie 5.1

Arcam solo movie with remote

Arcam Solo Movie 5.1…

The finest “single enclosure” Home Cinema system, and (of course) coolest is here.

We have waited quite awhile, and the rumors are all true! It’s based on Arcam’s renowned high-end AV & DVD components – the new Arcam Solo Movie 5.1 is aimed squarely at dramatically elevating what a single enclosure system is capable of- or simply to flat out put many more expensive products to shame. It does. Introduced in 2004, Arcam’s Solo music system turned the high end audio world on it’s ear while at the same time bringing audiophile level music reproduction to a group of music lovers previously unaware that they could afford this kind of performance in a stylish and sophisticated solution.

With Solo Movie 5.1, Arcam has followed up that very successful launch with a big brother worthy of the Solo moniker. The same – yet more, the Solo Movie 5.1 is another world first: offering esoteric home cinema reproduction via world class sound and picture quality in that very recognizable stylish, neat and easy to use package known as Solo.

While the original Solo offers high quality music reproduction as it’s core offering, Solo Movie 5.1 offers stunning picture and sound quality from all sources: utilizing an internal 1080i scaler using the latest cutting edge video technology , HDMI switching, high quality clocks and power supplies plus universal disc playback – it’s perfect for high definition video displays offering performance unheard of in any previous single enclosure product.

Arcam  Solo movie power board

The Movie’s audio and video quality, stylish, understated good looks and ease of use, will simply captivate you.

The Solo Movie 5.1 is simply in a class by itself, drop by and experience it for yourself!

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