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Smart Home Automation for Your Calgary Home

What is Smart Home Automation?

A Smart Home Automation or Smart Home System manages all of the electronic sub systems and features available in the modern home.

It’s about complete Home Control from one simple interface.

Home automation provides comfort‚ convenience‚ security‚ and energy savings to you – anywhere and anytime.

It’s about the convenience of saving time, money and effort by having the home automatically do routine functions for you, but also deliver powerful control of all related systems so they operate in synergy with each other.

It’s about making the complex simple and giving you back your time.

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A Brief History of Home Automation

Initially, Home Automation systems only managed a couple of very specific system controllers.  But then the internet of things exploded. The concept has evolved far beyond simplistic furnace and lighting control and timers.

Today, there are apps for every system in the home. That is not necessarily a good thing.  It has added to the clutter in our lives. Your home has many stand alone systems. Each has its own requirements to operate. Of course, none are designed to work with the others.

Just a few examples include:

  • Lights & Fans
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Security Systems
  • Cameras & Telephones
  • Internet & LAN
  • Music, TV & Home Theater
  • Fireplaces & Window Coverings
  • Spas, Pools & Water Features
  • Mobility Lifts

A Home Automation system’s goal is to tame all those twittering little control apps under one master, and that’s you.

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What Does “Home Automation” Mean Today?

Smart Home Automation means fully integrated, intelligent control over your home’s functions and features. This includes lighting, comfort, entertainment and security systems. Control is accessible from anywhere, delivered automatically, or by you with one-button simplicity.

An activity as commonplace as watching a movie, can be as effortless as if you had a fully staffed theater. And it should be.  Music that matches your  mood can welcome you at the door. It can make a suggested playlist based on your listening history.

Lights and blinds work in harmony. They harness natural light and reference the HVAC system for energy efficiency. They respond to everything from the sun’s nevus to changes in the weather.  Fountains and landscape ambience can be ready for entertaining at the touch of a button.

Cameras can notify you if movement occurs somewhere it shouldn’t. But, they won’t bother you needlessly when the neighbour’s cat drops by.

Home Automation provides coordinated control of many unique devices with a single command. Because of this, quality Home Automation systems are custom designed to the homeowners individual requirements.

While there is no one size fits all, there are a few areas most Home Automation systems touch on consistently.

It’s About the Possibilities

Control4 smart home solutions from K&W Audio let you control your home. Everything from lights, thermostat, home theater, audio/video equipment and security right from your smartphone or tablet, from virtually anywhere in the world.

How To Use Your Control4 System. For a full playlist go here.

Home Automation is much more than a universal remote, or smart lighting. Home Automation is technology that links and controls the electronics and systems in your home through one easy-to-use interface. Take a look at some of the benefits here.

Convenience, Security & Flexibility

The touch of a button gives you the ability to set the lighting and shading levels in a room, or the entire interior and exterior of the home, to create dramatic lighting scenes to match any mood or occasion.

The other subsystems are at your command when you want to adjust heat, cooling, security, entertainment and more. A control system manages different scenes for different occasions and different moods.

This system also controls music, TV or HVAC systems from one convenient switch point. Various lighting or music levels in all areas may be achieved either through the use of multiple scene buttons, or by simply raising or lowering individual lighting loads or entire areas.


This is a big one for anyone interested in interior design. Specifically, wall clutter (or wall acne) is dramatically reduced by replacing rows of conventional switches, knobs, sensors, sliders and other controls with a single, elegant touch screen, leaving your wall space for art and furnishings.

Home Automation Touch screen technology in Calgary by K&W Audio

Environmental Responsibility

A lighting control system can dramatically reduce your energy costs. It does so by intelligently managing how and when lighting and shading is addressed. Consequently, you don’t need to be in the dark to save, ever.

Manage your home’s lighting requirements intelligently. Control naturally available light using motorized window shades. Coordinate heating and cooling systems efficiently. It just makes sense, both financially and environmentally.

Without a smart control system, this promise can never fully realized.

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Start on the right foot

Be aware that expert advice is crucial at every step of the process.

You need guidance from initial consultation to final commissioning and handover of the home automation system.

Therefore, the best time to talk to us is at the design stage of your new home. We are here to help guide you through every stage of the process.

We begin by consulting with you to determine your needs and how you would like to live in your new home.

Then, we design the system and draw up the plans. We consult with your architect, interior designer and builder as needed. We project manage the ResiNet installation, set up the components and then show you how it all works.

Experience you can rely on

Creating an automated home environment is an investment. You need expert advice every step of the way.

Hiring a home automation designer is no different to hiring an architect, interior designer or other design professional. The most important factor is experience.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, K&W Audio has been designing and installing automated environments in Canada since 1978. Check out some of our projects and reviews on Houzz.

Therefore, we have extensive experience working with homeowners, architects, builders and interior designers. Our team creates intelligent environments to the most exacting requirements and tastes.

Additionally, we offer the largest selection of automation brands and products. Choose from leading manufacturers like Control4, Lutron, Nexus 21, Packedge, Apple, Triad, Google Nest, Ubiquiti, Josh.AI, Atlona,  and more!

Get in touch with us

Are you including home automation in your new home?

Or perhaps you are curious about how smart technology can help you create a unique home environment.

In any case, you need to call us.

The best smart home automation solution starts with planning as early as possible. This way, we can answer questions and discuss your requirements before building or installation begins. It’s the best way to make your dream home a reality.

Remember, the best time to talk to us about installing a home automation system in your new home is at the planning stage!