Multi-room Audio Design in Calgary. Installation and products available at K&W Audio.

Multi-Room Audio Delivers Music In Every Room

K&W Audio is Calgary’s leader in Distributed Audio and Multi-room Audio. This includes High End sound reproduction and quality audio components. Whether you need speakers in every room of your home, on the deck, in-wall or in-ceiling, we have what you need. We even have stealth speakers.

Multi-room music systems introduce a whole new way of listening that’s empowering and fun.

A multi-room audio system allows you to centralize your HiFi equipment. You can then listen to‚ watch and control that equipment from every room in the house. In this case, you can do this simultaneously or independently.

Generally, a multi-room audio system consists of a main rack of gear, or hub unit. This unit sources equipment plugged into a driven multi-speaker system. Cables in the walls and ceilings connect the hub to multiple rooms in the house. This is where control surfaces and speakers deliver the audio and video in those rooms. Remote controls control the entertainment in that room. They provide volume‚ bass‚ treble and source equipment functions.

Distributed Audio Throughout Your Home

The term Distributed Audio, or Multi-Room Audio refers to music made available throughout your home. The basic form of distributed audio is turning up the stereo loud enough to hear it out on the deck. However, that got a bit tedious after around age 19. Consequently, the next step is obvious…speakers in the other room.  That’s where the concept starts.

Speakers should always sound great. But, in this case, they also need to not be obtrusive. In fact, they should fit and blend in with the home’s interior design. To illustrate, check out Paradigm’s Play-Fi. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers fit the bill most of the time. However, the right one for your application can be perfectly defined with a little information.

Questions you will need to answer to get the product that’s right for you include:

  • What level of performance is needed?
  • What are the mounting options?
  • How large is the room and what materials are in it?
  • What front end electronics drive them, and how are they wired?

Address these questions and you are well on your way to determining your speaker requirements.

tribe in ceiling multiroom audio speakers calgary

multi-room audio in Calgary featuring CSE Speakercraft Sonic Pictures

These Pictures are actually speakers – 2 kinds of art in one!

Simple Powerful Control

You’ve defined the speaker setup. Accordingly, controlling the volume and the source, which is as important as the music, becomes the next task.

The simplest way of controlling speakers in a remote room is with an in-wall volume control. For example, add a second or third zone and that still works, but limitations become apparent. You can’t change source, and you can’t change the master volume easily. Additionally, each set of speakers is only adjustable by running into that room to fiddle with the volume control.

Expand our room requirements and we now need something more sophisticated.

How about a remote control which allows us to turn up the master amp’s volume, and select a new source too?

Very cool, but… you really need a remote in each room, and you are still turning all of the speakers up and down no matter what.

We need an actual multi-room audio system.

They offer individual amplifiers for each room, giving higher performance sound than using one amp with resistors for a bunch of speakers. Therefore, these systems also offer control options just not possible in a single amplifier situation.

Wall mounted control surfaces, and our phones digital feed back, show us the radio station we are listening to. Additionally, they also show where the one we want to hear is.  Now, you can easily listen to music from CD, your Phone, a Streaming service, or even a NAS hard drive storage device. You’ll have the ability to have the kids listen to DJ Jazzy Jazz in one room, while you listen to the Eagles in another.

Multi-Room Audio – Know Your Options

What level of performance and control is right for you?

Well the best of course! To determine the best for you, we need to sit down and ask you some questions. We can provide any level of performance and sophistication.

If you don’t know what multi-room audio options exist we can show you the gambit and make recommendations based on the way you live life.  Music is the soundtrack to your life, and music in the home used to be the exclusive pervue of kings.

Not any more! It’s time to make your castle sing.

multi-room audio control screen Calgary

To that end, contact K&W Audio today to learn more about our Multi-Room services and products. We offer eight demonstration rooms showcasing our award-winning design. Furthermore, if you have any questions, we offer free, expert advice. We’re a friendly bunch and would love to hear from you!

Control your music system from your iPhone!

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