Project Turntable Elemental

Smart Home Electronics in Calgary by award-winning K&W Audio.

There’s nothing quite like the enjoyment of sitting down to your favorite movie or piece of music in the privacy of your own home. This experience becomes even more special when your smart home electronics combination is designed, installed, and calibrated by truly dedicated professionals who have a passion for seeing a finely tuned experience come to fruition.

Smart Home Electronics Considerations

Selecting the right smart home electronics is often not something one can do easily. That’s why we are here, to consider:

  • Proper turntable set up
  • Calibration for the latest surround modes
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Power requirements
  • Cooling requirements
  • Communication over IP
  • Tubes
  • Cartridge
  • and a host of other areas one might miss.

To be sure, these can all factor into finding you the right smart home electronics. So, leave it to us. You are the master of your domain. Delegate this one to the professionals in the field, and relax!

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