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Another Renaissance?

How About Another Renaissance? By Geoff Woods   How many times have we heard the expression, “Everything old is new again,” or “There’s nothing new under the sun”?   How about this one, “I’m so far behind, I think I’m in the lead.”  Maybe that one’s just me. Now, as I approach the half century mark […]

Anthem STR Amp Review

NEW Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier Review By Andrew Donald   Anthem, the Canadian hi-fi sister company to both MartinLogan and Paradigm, have just released an impressive new integrated amplifier, called the STR. It’s an entirely new architecture that elevates this new offering well above the amp that it replaces, the Integrated 225. Integrating an advanced […]

Anthem AVM 60

Anthem AVM 60 Anthem’s first 11.2 channel pre-pro is the AVM 60, and it’s a real gem. This audiophile Canadian manufacturer has stepped up the entire game, with a high-performance Pre-Processor at a price that is as well unexpectedly affordable in Canada at only $3,299.99. If you need to add a bunch of quality watts […]

Epson LS10500 Laser Projector

STATE OF THE ART PROJECTION – BRIGHTER & 4K HDR   Home Cinema is improving by leaps and bounds. New projection technologies such as HDR, 4K and the move to the 2:35 aspect screen as the Home Theater standard are now taking hold. Epson’s latest top of the line offering is ready for it all, […]

The K&W Summer Sound Giveaway Contest

We are having a Summer Sound giveaway and want you to win a Sonos Connect Amp and a great sounding pair of Paradigm Stylus 370  outdoor loudspeakers. Summer is here and all that’s missing from your warm summer evening get-togethers are great tunes. So here is your solution, worth over $1,400.00… for free! All you […]

Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15A

A Masterpiece of Design & Engineering Electrostatic speakers are one of the finest audio transducer philosophies invented.  The sound is effortless, dynamic, room filling and enveloping.  The finest electrostats take you further into the musical experience, and now with the introduction of the Renaissance ESL 15A, Martin Logan has truly upped that benchmark. State of […]