home automation from mobile device in calgary home improvement

Open During Covid-19

home automation from mobile device in calgary home improvement

We hope you and your family are happy, healthy and together.  Here at the shop, we are still open during regular business hours and we’ve implemented in-house and on site Covid-19 protocols to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Your home automation system manages your home’s critical systems – and we are here to ensure it keeps running perfectly.  That’s especially important during this disruptive time.  We know your home entertainment system is also critical, keeping you informed and entertained.  If you have any issues that arise with any aspect of your home’s electronics systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Regardless of whether you purchased your system from us or not, we always do our best to resolve your problem ASAP.

Now as ever, you are welcome to visit our shop in addition to receiving email & call assistance.  We also offer curbside pickup. Additionally, private meetings can be arranged at a time convenient to you at our shop or in your home.  Free same day home delivery is available to you, always with proper sanitary and distancing precautions observed.  We also offer same-day remote Control4 home automation programming and over-the-phone network and home electronic systems service.

We are flexible, and happy to help in any way that is safe and makes you comfortable… today and always.

Stay well, and all our best!

Your Home Simplified


Your Control4 system just got better. Bring more to your Smart Home experience by updating your Control4 system to OS 3. It has a clean fresh look, great new features and incredible performance.

OS 3 boasts more than a thousand enhancements, and the user interface is where many of those changes come alive. Now you can personalize and organize your favorite rooms, devices, and scenes for easier access. Swipe-and-tap for quick navigation, or customize room and screen saver wallpapers to uniquely reflect your home. Combine these and many more features with a new more responsive OS, and you get a dramatically improved experience.

Control4 OS 3 has been thoughtfully designed to provide the best experience no matter what control device you’re using too. Whether it’s a remote, touch screen, TV OSD or any mobile device, the way you use OS 3 is simple and more natural.

Now, not all items in older Control4 Smart Home Systems are compatible. So, some systems will need to have some products in them updated to make the jump to OS 3. Contact one of our pro’s, or drop by our showroom to have us assess your system, and the improvements OS 3 offers you today.

15% OFF Upgrades!

Now is the time to get the new items you want to round out your smart home system. When you update your existing Control4 system with any new Control4 products we’ll give you 15% off!

Redesigned Web Portal

Your Personal Web Portal has a new look and feel. Visit https://customer.control4.com/ today and check out the great new features of OS3, manage your Control4 system features and preferences, and watch videos on how to use the cool new features.

The K&W Summer Sound Giveaway Contest


We are having a Summer Sound giveaway and want you to win a Sonos Connect Amp and a great sounding pair of Paradigm Stylus 370  outdoor loudspeakers. Summer is here and all that’s missing from your warm summer evening get-togethers are great tunes. So here is your solution, worth over $1,400.00… for free!

All you have to do is Like us on Facebook or Follow or Re-Tweet us on Twitter and you will be entered into the contest to win this fantastic sounding system. That’s it, you don’t even have to get up, just click and enter it’s just that simple!

The random draw for the lucky winner is going to be on Friday July 15th, giving you plenty of summer to enjoy your cool new Paradigm/ Sonos outdoor audio system.

So enter right away and good luck!


Congratulations to our Summer Sonos and Paradigm Giveaway… Logan Johnson. His cool new outdoor audio system will complete his back yard with great tunes for a long time to come! Thanks as well to everyone who liked and shared our contest. We really enjoyed the comments and were pleasantly surprised by all of the participation!

Martin Logan Neolith

On Saturday April 25th we revealed Neolith for the first time in Canada!

Experience Neolith.

Martin Logan had the first say. “Our Truth in Sound Tour came to Canada with exclusive demos of our newest flagship speaker, Neolith, starting at one of the finest audio dealers in the country, K&W Audio. Experience sound reproduction like you’ve never heard from a bold new loudspeaker—the product of an ambitious 3-year-long development process. Martin Logan representatives will be there to answer questions, give intimate demos and provide you with a glimpse into the exciting and unique world of electrostatic speaker technology.”

The gathering was a big success. Guests to these free events are always encouraged to bring their own music, and in this case to personally experience their favorite music again, for the first time, as performed on Martin Logans Flagship $110,000.00 Neolith loudspeakers. This was a once in a lifetime chance to experience something very special!

Please accept our thanks for having accepted this personal invitation to you.

See you at the next event!

Martin Logan Neolith

Martin Logan Neolith

Thanks for making the Canadian introduction of Sonos and Deezer Elite a success!

The worlds first uncompressed streaming music service came to Canada this month, in the form of Deezer Elite, offering CD-quality audio streamed to your home, and available exclusively via your Sonos the audio system.

Back when music downloading began, MP3s made music transfer and sharing easy, but those files needed to be compressed due to bandwidth limitations, leading to a very big loss in sound quality.

Now you can listen to musical performances as the artist intended, with no loss from the original CD recording. Deezer calls it High Resolution Audio, or HRA. This is a real evolution in music delivery, offering all of the conveniences of digital streaming, without sacrificing any of the original audio quality.

On Saturday March 28 factory Sonos representatives were on hand to answer all of your questions, and demonstrate the service. It was a resounding success with tons of people in to see and hear the revolution. Thanks to everyone who came out!

If you have a Sonos system, and would like to give it a try,  sign up for a 30 day free full trial here

Finally, high-resolution audio that makes sense.