2022 K&W Christmas Newsletter

2021 K&W Christmas Newsletter

Shopping Tips for a New Reality

Shopping Tips for a New Reality – perspective from our shop floor

Written by Geoff Woods, a consultant and programmer here for over 20 years.


I’ve just got used to writing “2021” and we’re already talking about Christmas shopping.  Well. . . Okay, to be fair, my wife is already doing her Christmas shopping.  Like most guys I know, I was probably going to procrastinate until December 17th at least, like every year.  But this year it looks like that strategy would be a mistake.


You don’t exactly have to have your ear to the ground to know that supply chains have been disrupted lately.  Every industry from automobiles to snack foods has been affected.  Items that used to come in 7-10 days are now 10 weeks out if we’re lucky, and some items literally have “no ETA.”

We don’t need to hash out the 107 converging causal factors that have contributed to this.  Suffice it to say that no one person, policy, germ, or weather phenomena is solely responsible.  Even if we could point the funky finger of blame in one direction, assigning fault won’t solve anything in the here and now.  So really, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, it’s still everybody’s problem.

So how much is K&W affected?  More importantly, what can we do to help K&W’s valued customer mitigate how you are affected by this unfolding disaster?

Here’s some good news and some straight-up, unvarnished bad news.

First the good news:

  • We live in Canada!  Aside from having a lot more freedom than what is being experienced in many other places, one of the best things about Canada is we manufacture some of THE BEST speakers in the whole world.  I’m not making this up.  Canadian loudspeakers are like Italian sports cars.  We are world renowned for the quality and value of our speakers.  As well, because we don’t have to cross borders and pay duties and tariffs on them, we get them for the best prices.  K&W is proud to represent the best selection of Canadian speaker brands available ANYWHERE.  As a bonus, lead times on most of these products are not nearly as terrible as items coming across the ocean.  So if somebody has speakers on their Christmas list, they’re in luck.
  • We saw this coming!  It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve been working double time to buy more stock, earlier than we ever have going into the Christmas season.  Obviously there are still shortfalls and will continue to be.  But we’ve managed to get ahead of this crunch on quite a few high demand items and, provided you don’t procrastinate too long (like me), we can probably get your wish list fulfilled, but I do recommend you DON’T put it off too long.
  • Music is COOL.  I highly recommend you turn off the news and listen to music more often.  It WILL make you a happier person, I promise.  And fortunately there aren’t as many shortages on classic stereo gear as there is on A/V receivers and other items that require digital chips.  Dust off your old vinyl and dig out your CD collection, we can get you fixed up with a great playback system in time for the holidays.

Now for the bad news:

  • Prices are going up.  Many already have, but the trend is not stopping.  With skyrocketing shipping costs and labour shortages galore, hardly a day goes by without us receiving a new price list from a supplier and none of the numbers on those lists are getting smaller, except maybe in the column showing quantity available.  It’s a hard reality, but it is reality.  If you know what you want, don’t wait, cuz chances are it will NOT be cheaper later.
  • Some key items simply aren’t available.  Digital music streamers and entry level Surround Sound receivers have suffered the hardest impact, and while stock is trickling in, demand has also been higher than anyone expected.  We are taking deposits for back orders on these items and are running on a first come, first served basis. But we aren’t the ones off-loading the ships or driving the trucks, so we just are not able to make promises.
  • Our installers are BUSY! This is good news for us, but for those who are waiting to get a system installed, it means you need to plan a bit further ahead and exercise a bit more patience.  Because of the unpredictability of supply chains, we simply can NOT book an install until we have ALL the system components IN STOCK.  By the time all those items are in stock, the waiting list can be weeks out. So the window of time for getting a complete system and getting it installed by Christmas is already very quickly closing.  Alternatively, maybe think about that one extra special upgrade component to take an existing system to the next level—a simple install like that is much more likely to get shoe-horned into the schedule.

Finally, one last thought regarding this year’s holiday shopping: 

We really do appreciate your loyalty and patronage.  For 43 years, we have striven to be your chosen Hi-Fi and Home Theatre destination shop in Calgary, and hope to keep it going for decades more to come.  What often makes the difference between a mediocre sound system and a great one is expertise in selection and a personal touch… neither of which is an Amazon hallmark.

There.  I said it.  With hundreds of ships carrying thousands of containers filled with millions of products languishing off shore waiting for ports to catch up, you can’t be completely sure that the item you order on line will get here in time.  Even if it does, it might not actually be exactly the right item for YOU too.

So please come and talk to one of our system designers.  We have over a century of combined experience in this field, and since we work at a bricks and mortar (literally) store front in your neighborhood, you always know where to find us.  As a result, we have an ongoing, vested interest in making sure you are happy with your purchase.

Thanks to you for your ongoing support of our local business. I invite personally you to come down and meet a fellow Calgarian, maybe go home with something cool that day. Or at the very least, be assured that you’ll get straight answers about what you need, and when you can have it.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!



2020 K&W Christmas Newsletter

Your Home Simplified


Your Control4 system just got better. Bring more to your Smart Home experience by updating your Control4 system to OS 3. It has a clean fresh look, great new features and incredible performance.

OS 3 boasts more than a thousand enhancements, and the user interface is where many of those changes come alive. Now you can personalize and organize your favorite rooms, devices, and scenes for easier access. Swipe-and-tap for quick navigation, or customize room and screen saver wallpapers to uniquely reflect your home. Combine these and many more features with a new more responsive OS, and you get a dramatically improved experience.

Control4 OS 3 has been thoughtfully designed to provide the best experience no matter what control device you’re using too. Whether it’s a remote, touch screen, TV OSD or any mobile device, the way you use OS 3 is simple and more natural.

Now, not all items in older Control4 Smart Home Systems are compatible. So, some systems will need to have some products in them updated to make the jump to OS 3. Contact one of our pro’s, or drop by our showroom to have us assess your system, and the improvements OS 3 offers you today.

15% OFF Upgrades!

Now is the time to get the new items you want to round out your smart home system. When you update your existing Control4 system with any new Control4 products we’ll give you 15% off!

Redesigned Web Portal

Your Personal Web Portal has a new look and feel. Visit https://customer.control4.com/ today and check out the great new features of OS3, manage your Control4 system features and preferences, and watch videos on how to use the cool new features.
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2016 K&W Christmas Newsletter

The K&W Summer Sound Giveaway Contest


We are having a Summer Sound giveaway and want you to win a Sonos Connect Amp and a great sounding pair of Paradigm Stylus 370  outdoor loudspeakers. Summer is here and all that’s missing from your warm summer evening get-togethers are great tunes. So here is your solution, worth over $1,400.00… for free!

All you have to do is Like us on Facebook or Follow or Re-Tweet us on Twitter and you will be entered into the contest to win this fantastic sounding system. That’s it, you don’t even have to get up, just click and enter it’s just that simple!

The random draw for the lucky winner is going to be on Friday July 15th, giving you plenty of summer to enjoy your cool new Paradigm/ Sonos outdoor audio system.

So enter right away and good luck!


Congratulations to our Summer Sonos and Paradigm Giveaway… Logan Johnson. His cool new outdoor audio system will complete his back yard with great tunes for a long time to come! Thanks as well to everyone who liked and shared our contest. We really enjoyed the comments and were pleasantly surprised by all of the participation!

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2015 K&W Christmas Newsletter