Epson LS10500 Laser Projector

Laser 4K LS10500 projector



Home Cinema is improving by leaps and bounds. New projection technologies such as HDR, 4K and the move to the 2:35 aspect screen as the Home Theater standard are now taking hold. Epson’s latest top of the line offering is ready for it all, and more. Quite frankly this is almost certainly the best image you have ever seen. The best part? It can be that good at a 155″ size in 2:35 aspect. The new Epson LS10500 Laser 4K HDR Projector destroys any big screen flat TV. That’s just a media room, this delivers a truly immersive Home Theater event.

This is a full fledged pixel shifting projector. It’s 1080p panels fire twice, shifting the two (yes two) blue laser’s pixels 1/2 diameter, up to the right, to double the number of pixels to 4 megapixels. It’s laser unique laser light engine delivers a nearly completely silent and instant on experience. You won’t found that in rival offerings.

If a zero edge type screen is your preference, you know you need really precise control over throw to carry it off. No problem here. The masking ability permitted in the deep menu allows for a perfectly framed image. No light spillage. The LS10500 projector fully supports all multiple aspect ratios too. It’s nice to know there is always a way to get more, and if you want to raise the bar on the very best state of the art, you can. The addition of a Panamorph lens for letterbox movies can hot rod your image even further, delivering another 1/3 more resolution than any projector is capable natively. There are only a few projectors in the world that support that addition, which can be added any time.

Warranty is an industry leading 3 years, and the unit even comes with a ceiling mount, so the package comes complete. It’s older sibling (the LS10000) won the Best In Class Award in 2015 for the best projector period in it’s category from many critical reviewers.  With the addition of HDR, and it’s other refinements, the LS10500 builds on that heritage and forges it’s place even higher at the top of the mountain.
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Epson LS10500 Laser Projector


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