JL Audio

When you get a product that bares the JL Audio logo, you can feel confident that it’s the real deal. We discovered this new home arm of the famous mobile brand at the last CEDIA show, and were blown away. They have decided to enter the high end sub market with all the dominance they enjoy in the mobile world.Their foray into high end subwoofers has been an unmitigated success.

The award winning f113 subwoofer

For example, the new F113: Weight, over 120lbs, over 20 patents, room optimization mic and processor included all tell you that this is SERIOUS. Then we listened to it. WOW. The improvement it made to our reference home-theater system was  simply stunning. State of the art in speed, authority and output? At this price range for sure. Perhaps even at double the price. You owe it to yourself to listen to this line, for no other reason than to know where the state of the art is presently!