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The Best Room In The House

An Exceptional Viewing Experience

Your private home theatre‘s purpose is the creation of the experience you get from a night out at the movies – at home.  How close we come to duplicating or exceeding that experience depends on many variables. But that experience is limited only by imagination.

We can help create an experience that is superior in every way to a public movie theatre. Your private theatre is built right in your home and tailored to your dream.  For example, we can include a ticket wicket and confection area. Also, the iconic curtains opening and closing across a massive curved screen. In the end, we can reproduce all of the wonderful trappings important to your cinematic theatre experience.

We offer quality electronics that outperform “professional” audio and video experience. An experience only previously available at your local Cineplex.

You have a wide variety of movie sources from which to choose. For example, your home theatre system can run:

  • Blu-Ray Disc
  • Hard drive-based server
  • Streaming media
  • Video game console
  • HD satellite
  • Or good old broadcast HDTV

Enjoy the Ride with Motion Seating

Your control system can dim the lights. It can fire up the finest electronics, acoustically tailored to the room. Futhermore, we can integrate a projected picture that is huge, with an image resolution as clear as looking out of a window.

The sound is immersive.  It effortlessly surrounds you from every direction and completely in sync with the action on the screen. To round out the experience, the comfortable recliners you sit on are motion seating. They move in rhythm with the show!

We can design a perfect Home Theatre like that for you. In fact, we can start from nothing more than an empty set of blue prints.

Our role ideally starts with the planning stage. We can help plan the room’s construction and provide everything needed to make it function perfectly. Our team works with your timeline based on your budget and timing requirements, as desired.

This approach allows theatre use at the end of Stage 1. Then, upgrades and additions occur in future stages, according to a schedule that fits your needs.

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K&W Audio's Han Solo Home Theatre Calgary, AB

We can design a custom home theatre for your home that exceeds the audio and visual performance of a movie theatre.
We have the experience and technology to make it happen.

All you need to bring is the popcorn!

Let’s Talk About Options

While the sky is the limit for your project, it can feel overwhelming when it comes time to plan and build your home theatre room. We can help you to choose the best home theatre system including a 4K projector, speakers, receiver, amplifier and subwoofer options.

We can discuss wired and wireless home theatre systems and the pros and cons of each. We’ll also determine the best theatre lighting, seating and furnishings for your room’s theme. In the end, we’ve planned and sourced the best system for your home cinema. Perhaps it includes floor standing speakers and a high end receiver. Our inclusive service takes care of installation and integration of all components and fixtures.

Whether you need a custom theatre room setup in a new home or retrofit an existing room in your basement, we can do it.

We are Calgary’s home theatre store. We offer eight demonstration theatres. You can experience the true alchemy of our products and services in action. We’re sure you’ll get some great ideas from these rooms. And if you have questions, we’re happy to offer our knowledge and expertise.

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