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Your Control4 Automated Home

Modern homeowners are after an electronically  Integrated Home. They often come into this new world of Home Automation initially because they want a top-of-the-line dedicated Home Theater. But while you might have the stunning new Epson or JVC 4K projector and the latest Dolby Atmos surround sound system from McIntosh and Martin Logan, you still may not be getting the best entertainment experience.

We recommend a Control4 home automation system to make accessing your entertainment system and controlling your space, simple and convenient. With a Control4 integrated home, you have unprecedented access to all of the features that can make your home theater experience unforgettable.

Set the Scene for Movie Night

Picture this: you settle down in your home theater ready to watch your favorite movie. Now all you need to do is dim the lights, lower the screen and projector, raise the volume on your surround sound system and start the movie. Now imagine that you can do all of this with the touch of a single button, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite flick. A Control4 system makes this possible by giving you the ability to save specific settings for future use. For example, the lights dim to a low level, the volume automatically sets to level 10, and the window shades lower. You can create that scene, you can use it again and again using a mobile device like a phone or tablet. In just one touch, you’re ready for the perfect movie night.

Go all the Way with 8K Ultra HDR

Ultra-High Definition 8K HDR technology is revolutionizing the entertainment world. To keep up with this growing movement, Control4 offers an all-new line of 8K Ultra HDR multi-display/multi-room video solutions, which are compatible with the incredible resolution of a 8K Projectors and QLED/OLED TVs.

Ever want to watch multiple games at one time from the comfort of your high-performance home theater? How about watch a movie with your kids while still being able to keep up with the golf tournament or the current racing action? Using a Control4 Ultra HDR capable matrix switcher you can do these things effortlessly, as well as access your entire movie collection, and stream online content.

In addition, you can also distribute that 8K HDR content to any room in the house from a single centralized location – minimizing redundant cable boxes or Blu-ray players. With these Control4 Ultra HDR solutions, you’ll be ready for whatever the future has to offer in entertainment and be able do it effortlessly with your handheld remote, touch screen or mobile device from anywhere in the world!

Stay Aware With HD Intercom Technology

There’s no better feeling than being able to watch a movie in peace and quiet, but sometimes life comes calling. When it does, your Control4 system helps you minimize the interruption by keeping you in touch with the outside world. Is the pizza guy at the door? Pause your movie and let him know you’ll be on your way with HD intercom communication streamed directly to your touch screen remote, tablet or smart phone. After you’ve taken care of business, re-set the scene with one touch and get back to enjoying the movie – but this time with pizza!

Are you ready to see how a Control4 system installation can enhance your dedicated home theater? Come see it in action in our shop, and let us get started on your project today!