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Bryston Digital Audio Brochure 2017

Bryston have just released their official (Digital) lineup for 2017. Thought you might like to take a look!

Vicoustic Acoustic Solutions Products

Beautiful ways of making your Home Theater sound better!

Based in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal, Vicoustic has established itself as one of the most dynamic companies in the acoustic solutions industry. The research-based manufacturer offers a range of innovative products and services, representing the outcome of years of development, testing and optimization. Vicoustic’s engineers work in strategic partnership with other industry sectors, including science institutes and universities, as well as gaining regular feedback from some of Europe’s leading acoustic engineers.

In addition to outstanding performance, Vicoustic products have a revolutionary design and a high level of fire retardancy, which makes them suitable for use in a variety of venues.

Vicoustic’s mission is simple: Improve the way you listen to your music in an affordable and accessible way. “Many people buy expensive speakers, and use them in very bad acoustic conditions” says César Carapinha, Vicoustic’s CEO. “Now it’s possible to improve the way you listen to your music, in an affordable and accessible way. Vicoustic offers products for all budgets and highly specialized staff to help you create your ideal listening room”.


Vicoustic Acoustic Treatment – Before and After from Dina Santos on Vimeo.

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Outdoor Speaker Tips

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Widescreen Review Arcam AVR600

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Lossless Encoding in iTunes

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Speaker Craft iPod Brochure