Home Theater is defined by a projection based system

Don’t you wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence? There’s one marked ‘Brightness,’ but it doesn’t work.
  – Gallagher
Cheif MountsCheif have  over 30 years of proven product and service excellence, hundreds of product awards and patented designs, and  design state-of-the-art mount and rack solutions.
Da-Lite ScreensDa-Lite Screens: Da-Lite Screens offer quality and affordability in all types of projection screens.
DPI ProjectorsDPI Projectors: From ultra-compact and lightweight to flagship Reference displays, Digital Projection’s home cinema projectors feature the superior brightness, astonishing color depth and high-contrast imaging placing them at the very top of the projection manufacturing field.
Epson ProjectorsEpson Projectors offering state of the art 4K Laser based projectors, with a fantastic price – they are leading the way in state of the art projection for your Home Theater.
JVCJVC DILA Projectors are simply state of the art, and fantastic value. More awards and accolades are always on the way for this exciting Home Theater Projector company!
KaleidescapeKaleidescape: The absolute coolest DVD and Music management product ever devised. The user interface is stone simple to use and it’s just as reliable. Rip it all to a multi terabyte hard drive, and surf it with any display in the house. Did we mention it scales everything to High Def levels too?
Key DigitalKey Digital – Offering complete video solution products like video scalers, video processors, video distribution amplifiers, video switching devices, they have a complete solution for high performance video installations.
MarantzMarantz: For twenty years following the 1950’s Marantz formed the heart of all ultimate Hi-Fi systems. The Thorens/Marantz/AR combination was legendary! Today they are famous for high performance A/V, top end digital decoding and home theater projection systems that are simply state of the art.
OmniMountOmniMount: These guys started out the same year we did. Old farts! The best plasma, LCD, speaker and other specialty mounts you can buy! They aren’t getting older, they are getting…
PanamorphPanamorph let’s you enjoy your favorite blockbuster hits in full screen size without distortion — just as the film directors intended. Fully motorized and remote-controlled, their precision anamorphic lens converts 16:9 projected images to a full 2.35:1 widescreen aspect ratio.
PanasonicPanasonic: Panasonic stands for a commitment to quality, value and innovation, bringing you ideas for life.
SamsungSamsung makes a bunch of stuff, but for us the important part is their great performing A/V gear. Their Blu-ray players are great performers, and their leading edge LED TV’s are revolutionizing the flat panel arena. They are a 70 year old Korean company who are bigger and more innovative than many people might think.
Schneider OpticsSchneider has been producing the highest quality optics on the market for over 90 years, offering solutions for large-format photography, photo enlarging, motion picture projection, optical filtration, and industrial applications. Panamorphic lens options for high performance home theater is their key offering for us.
Screen InnovationScreen Innovation make screens that look great in high light environments.
Stewart FilmscreenStewart Filmscreen: Whether you buy an exotic no holds barred overhead projector, or a great budget performer, the question is the same – do you want the best it can deliver? If so, this is the only choice. With a long and illustrious history and many academy awards, every screen is a custom item. Leaders in screen technology for CRT and DLP/LCD projectors with great support too. They are simply – the best.
Yamaha Yamaha: After almost a century, they still value sound quality first. We’ve sold this line for 3 decades, and over that time they have established a reputation for quality surround sound processors that are great value and are more long term reliable than any other brand. That says a lot.

JVC makes stunning 4K and 8K HDR projectors

The Absolute Finest Hidden & Elegant Filmscreen

A Great Description Of Constant Height Projection – Current State Of The Art, By The Innovators

That’s Right – THX Does Video

Kaleidescape is the best way to stream high quality first run movie content