Paradigm 4F Speakers


Paradigm unveiled their Concept 4F loudspeaker recently at Munich High End 2015. What was revealed is a genuinely ambitious and exciting project (one conducted with partner electronics brand Anthem).


Sporting a 25mm beryllium tweeter, a 178mm beryllium midrange driver and two front and two rear-driving 216mm woofers in a vibration-reduction layout, it may be a “Concept” today, but it shows what 33 years of R&D can deliver… and we hear rumblings of them going to production are very strong!

Disrupting the Paradigm

Paradigm is a company driven by innovation, a precedent established by co-founder Scott Bagby back in 1982. This passion never ebbs. But, there comes a time in every innovator’s life when the urge to disrupt the status quo becomes overwhelming. Where do we go from here? How can innovation change people’s opinion of what’s possible?

Unlike anything that has come before, the Concept 4F loudspeaker taps into a desire to go beyond the expected, in their words, to celebrate the technological abilities of Paradigm engineering, untamed. Like the original Paradigm loudspeakers, Concept 4F is Bagby’s personal will, manifest.

It is claimed to combine their over 33 years of groundbreaking audio innovations into one astounding loudspeaker concept. It is Crafted in Canada to their own strict standards, with every aspect of engineering and manufacturing under their control. From breathtaking design to no-holds-barred performance, it does embody the Paradigm ethos of power and art.

Glimpsing the Possibilities

This bold new concept, unveiled at Munich High End 2015, offers an exciting glimpse into the future of Paradigm engineering. The Paradigm & Anthem engineering teams have been working with a vision for more than five years now. This journey of research, experiment, design, and development has culminated in a loudspeaker that is the amalgamation of superior acoustic components with bleeding-edge technological innovation, and it is their most ambitious speaker design ever. The latest news on the Concept 4F states that it is a true full-range hybrid loudspeaker, the perfect balance of powered woofers with a passive upper register array. It features TruExtent® Beryllium 1″ tweeters and TruExtent® Beryllium 7″ midrange drivers with perforated phase-aligning lenses, and four Ultra-High-Excursion Differential Drive 8.5″ woofers in a vibration-cancelling configuration (two front-firing, two rear-firing). Each woofer pair is powered by a separate DSP-controlled 700 W RMS amplifier for a total of 1400 W RMS (2,800 W Dynamic Peak), and combined with exclusive technology like Anthem Room Correction (ARC™) capability. And then some.

The result is a unique sonic platform that would certainly live in the luxury performance loudspeaker market, and looks to be ushering in an audacious new no holds barred era for Paradigm.

Achieving Unlimited Performance

Completely designed, engineered, and Crafted in Canada, Concept 4F is touted to “reveal utter transparency and realism; audio performance limited not by media, but only by imagination”. It seems to have a new level of  exceptional craftsmanship (even for Paradigm, with meticulous attention to detail) that makes a bold, really beautiful statement. The Concept 4F’s design direction explores the loudspeaker concepts around designing a combination passive, hybrid, and fully-active speaker platform. I bit of a holy grail for many in absolute speaker design. Looking at this concept, it seems that what they’ve made  possible is really exciting, and we look forward to hearing more of it… in person. When that time comes, we’ll let you know so you can hear them too!

Paradigm F4 Speaker Internals