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What’s hot in home Audio, Video & Automation Technology?

Home technology news was big this year. To begin with, 2019 saw the Amazon Echo ( Alexa) and Google Home hit their stride.  Now they are starting to show where the possible next large leap in Home Automation Technology is going. Because we are Control4 Platinum and Pinnacle level dealers, we create a lot of high end automated homes. Now, while voice control is a small segment of what people are asking for – it’s growing very fast.

Whole House Audio

Multi-room music control is still the number one option most customers ask for, and smart home lighting is a close second. Now quality stand alone Home Theaters are still a very fun part of the mix, while control over home security, cameras and home comfort (including shade control) is also very popular. Interestingly, high performance home stereo systems have made a very robust and welcome comeback. People do love music, and quality music reproduction is a rewarding pursuit for us and our clients.  For example, the McIntosh line of tube and solid state amplifiers were all recently updated and revamped. Wile they made noticeable performance upgrades, thankfully there was no change to their gorgeous iconic look.  Notably, Primaluna has also updated their tube amp line, and are still punching way over their price class.

Home Theater

Home Cinema is simply improving by leaps and bounds. With new technologies such as Dolby Vision, HDR and HLG, showing the biggest improvements in contrast levels picture quality has really imporved. Dolby ATMOS surround is now standard on most A/V processors, and it adds remarkable new heights to the immersive movie audio experience. That said, cinema seating, D-box motion simulation and Kaleidescape movie servers are not new, but still continue to define the ultimate home theater. Epson’s class leading LS10500 4K HDR laser projector was joined by JVC’s whole new line of native 4K DILA projectors this year too, upping the big screen experience another noticeable notch.

Cool New Gear

The introduction of the incredible Paradigm Persona speakers and Martin Logan’s Masterpiece series are this years notable speaker benchmark product additions. The last year also revealed more people streamed music that ever before. Using Sonos and Bluesound hardware, often in higher resolution and lossless formats from Tidal, Deezer, Qbuzz, and Spotify.

The Future Looks Bright!

Will this continue to be the growth areas for this revolution in music enjoyment? More vinyl was sold last year than since the 80’s, so who knows? Don’t forget Digital to analog converters too. They deliver much better sound from your chosen streaming box, or any digital source. The Arcam DAC2 and Marantz HD-DAC1 won accolades in each of their respective categories.

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